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Dr Sebi:
country… why not? Where there is cow, there is bovine and nobody could deny that. Where there are cow, they are bovine. And you’re telling me that the people that took those cows to Africa is being kind to us when they know that these animals are poisonous?Are they being kind to us? No, they’re not. I know Arabs in Africa that sells are people pork but he doesn’t eat it. Why would he do that is that being kind? That is where Urua comes in. I am a member of Urua. In Urua you don’t even entertain a thought about injuring someone else not even a thought. In Urua, Urua is where we become impeccable. Urua teaches us what not to eat because what you eat will determine how you behave you don’t want that. The rest of the religions in the world they are a good but they also need to be updated you know. We need to help the religions of the world because I grew up in religion and you know we grew up in religion and we feel good and it is good because it contain us, discipline us, which I still remember, and me um and like I said I’m a Muslim, I’m a Seventh Day Adventists every thirteen Sabbath I used to have to go do my recitation because I’m a Seventh Day Adventist and I loved it. Then I was an Anglican. I was in the Anglican churches as an altar boy. So you see, I’m the product of religions. I am the product of religions. I just happened to notice the chapter about the health aspect of the religions and we need to make our preachers aware, look we are sick because unconsciously we are violating God almighty.

We don’t want to do that anymore, but then we didn’t know about the deleterious effect that blood and starch was gonna have on our brain, oh my god not to think about it. Go read the Bible again “the herbs are for the healing of the nation”, why can’t we do it and why don’t we do it. You know why, the blood and starch gonna tell you, you better not you’re gonna die. Don’t you go to God now, you follow me. I am the blood and the starch that you have been conditioned with you’re gonna listen to me, not the Bible. You know who did that to me my own brother the preacher man my own brother did that to me yeah I went into his kitchen and when I got into my brother’s kitchen I saw a hog head on the table. I said no this boy is out of his mind so I passed by the hog head and went straight to my mother, my mama live in the back house. I say mom your son have on his table a hog head that’s bleeding they must have just cut off the hog I said I want you going and asked my brother to explain to us, scientifically why is he go eat the head of this dead animal. No, we didn’t eat that in the jungles of Africa because there were no hogs there. Look at how we have been reduced to the head of a dead animal. We’re gonna eat the head of a bleeding dead animal. Oh I forgot, I forgot that part of the conditioning goes like this “I’m gonna eat this dead animal because where else am I gonna get my protein”. Protein but the animal is dead and your body is alive how is this dead animal gonna help to nourish this live body. That doesn’t make sense and now we go to the second part, protein, what is protein? Well, I could give you guys a scientific answer it is one of the 19 amino acids the building blocks of life and that’s that.

Hey Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Glut* from the pediatric hospital in Washington DC. The little girl had sickle cell anemia she no longer has it but she’s looking at my diet, said I didn’t give Akeliah Stroud protein. Protein, Dr. Steinberg, what is protein? This 19 amino acids. I said, “Is it is it electrical”, she said “I don’t know”. But the human body is electrical. “Is protein electrical?” She said I don’t know. I said “well you should know” because you use it as your premise. This is your foundation of your argument, protein. How many electrons per atom does protein contain? “Why do you ask the question?” Because if it doesn’t have any electrons it is non electrical. My body is electrical so how would this animal gonna help me? You see she couldn’t answer that question but those of us who have accepted the word “protein” we satisfied because it sounds scientific. Not with me, you better make sense, remember what mama used to say make sense boy, common sense, “protein”, that’s a big word, nothing behind it.So yes God’s herbs work! They work all the time because it’s God, it’s for us God want us to be loving and sweet of course. When I meet Chinese I’m happy, I’ve been to China. I’ve been to many places in China and Arabia. Those folks don’t look like me. I met a woman just recently Los Angeles one of the sweetest lady that you ever want to meet. This lady, look, I could describe her as being the mother of Jesus that’s how she moved this lady was so Oh symmetry, all the way. What race? What tribe? She was a Laplander. She followed the reindeer around Europe, Finland Norway, Russia come back around. These people follow the reindeer. I said tell me about your life. And this lady start telling me about her life. Boy, you know is so different from ours, African people who live in the jungle, walking around naked and we live among the great big animal they call elephants and rhinoceroses and some of the most poisonous snake, how did we survive? Isn’t that something, how did we survive? By the grace of God Almighty that’s how we survived, and we’ll always survive. So now Urua brings with it the healing, the healing which brings peace which in turn brings love.


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