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Dr Sebi:
We, the so-called natural healers we talk about the physician but the physician has his place in society very much so just as useful as any herbalist besides more so because to be a physician i have to graduate from a medical school i have to have some training but to be a healer not so all you have to do is buy yourself a bunch of books Pablo Aviola, this Russian by the name of Ivan Kenkikoff, Miss Alma Hutchins from Canada, with the Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden, Mr Christopher, Mr Culpeper and read all these books and then you pride yourself, ‘oh I’m a healer because I know that Lobelia is good for asthma. You read those books and you endanger your people because you don’t know what you’re doing because every herb and every composition that exists in America whether in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles all you have to do is read the menu they’re going to have cayenne pepper in it, artificial, Aloe Vera they’re going to have Comfrey and in my book that you will see Comfrey in there somebody made a mistake and put that junk in there, don’t even believe that, that is in the booklet where you find the diagnostic sheets. I don’t know that’s a misprint because Comfrey is artificial and Comfrey will hurt you Comfrey contains starch.

Sassafras….Sassafras is natural


Saint John’s Worth, artificial, [Black tea] Rue, artificial, any Black Tea artificial, you see they got us.

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