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Q&A #1: What is the difference between Bromide and Seamoss and what does each of them do for the body?

Bromide is a mineral and is considered one of the halogens. Chemical element bromine is essential to life in humans and other animals, as researchers…

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Dr Sebi herbs for bones
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Dr Sebi – Mineral For The Bones

Dr Sebi: Yes ma’am. Woman: What should I be eating for osteoporosis? Dr Sebi: what should you be eating for what? Woman: [inaudible] Dr Sebi:…

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Dr Speaks on The Importance of Iron and Seamoss

Here Dr Sebi speaks on the importance of iron and what it does to the body. Many people are lacking in iron, and are not…

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Dr Sebi’s Viento

Dr Sebi’s Viento is a powerful product and one you should consider if you are seeking to cleanse and revitalise the body. It addresses the…

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