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Dr Sebi - documentary
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Dr. Sebi The Cure Full Documentary – by MJ Harrell

Your browser does not support the video tag. This is a video on Dr Sebi by MJ Harrell. Have a watch and let me know…

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Dr Sebi – Can You Combine Dr Sebi Herbal Formulas?

Ahki: Thank you, all right uh let’s see so one of the first questions that comes from um uh brother named Lazan he is, his…

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djon djon
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Dr Sebi – The Power Of Mushrooms

Dr Sebi: They experienced something. You know djon djon? Djon djon is a mushroom that only comes from one country Haiti. it’s a little mushroom…

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Dr Sebi – Raw Food Vs Cooked Food (Is It Natural?)

Dr Sebi: Second question. Chef Ahki: Um got a sister who is also on your program and wants to know is it better for her…

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Dr Sebi – How To Electrify A Hybrid Plant?

Dr Sebi: Yeah I hope one day you get an opportunity to go to the village of Usha in Honduras because we’re developing organic electric…

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Dr Sebi – The Callaloo (Amaranth Green)

Dr Sebi: Guess what I saw? I saw callaloo growing thickness like from this wall, to this little wall here, for miles, and miles ,and…

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Dr Sebi – I’ve Been Looking For This Herb For 15 Years

Dr Sebi: What herb is that? He said Cenizo de Monterrey, did, did Pablo find it? Last week last week he found it because I’ve…

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Dr Sebi – A Bit About His Life & The pH Factor Affect Healing

Dr Sebi: Quick. I was born in Spanish Honduras in the year of 1933. I was born in a small village named Ilanga. The boy…

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Oxygen in water
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Dr Sebi – Herb With Oxygen (Trompetilla)

Dr Sebi: There’s a man selling herbs but he’s bare feet like I am, bare feet but he’s drizzling this is in a place named…

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Dr Sebi – Arrested For Curing AIDS/Herpes

This is a video about Dr Sebi – it’s work watching. Hopefully you will find it informative in some way. If you have any queries,…

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