Dr Sebi Using Lily Of The Valley For HEART DISEASE

lily of the valley - Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:
Mexico and get the lily of the valley the only herb in the world that has two active ingredients. These are the things I’m going to share with the sisters that we are selecting to be the representative of the African Biomineral Balance.

Awww…Chico, Aruba. chico was living Ahh Chico, Aruba. Chico was living across the street from where I was seeing a lady Raquel Emmanuel. Raquel Emmanuel’s brother had leukemia and he was cured, his name was Michael Emmanuel, he lived in Grassau*, she lived in Aruba. So they flew me to Aruba to see Raquel, she had cancer, pancreas, she was cured. She said, across the street lives a man that have CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, his name is Chico.

When Chico walked. Chico would be sitting down and and get up [panting] to take a step it would mean a whole lot of effort. They Retired him from Libo Oil, who here from Aruba?

In Aruba there is a Dutch company, an oil company name Libo, Libo Oil. So they retired the man. They said hey, you could die today at work, you have congestive heart failure.

I had a little bottle, just about this size, with the LILY OF THE VALLEY. I made a tincture out of the Lily of the Valley and I just happen to have that – I go over across the street and his wife said Chico this man claim that he will have you walking again in an hour, come see him. But Chico gets ups up he is [panting]. I said why does he have to come to me, why can’t I go to him?

I went to him poured the Lily of the Valley in the water, give him to drink.

The next morning Chico is like [walking]. Chico is running around the block, he’s running around the block in three days. Then you want to know, how could an herb do all of that, but remember, the herb is natural. It is a diuretic, it’s going to dilute the fluid, take it out, remove fluid, but like most diuretics they remove potassium from the system, not this one. This one adds potassium to the system, and it has two active ingredients. The Lily of the Valley is a plant that has two active ingredients, most plants only has one.

It’s iron fluorine and potassium phosphate all in one as an active ingredient.

The Lily of the Valley is good not only for congestive heart failure, in fact Ms Montricks* that had cancer of the breast, that’s what we gave her, she was cured, CBS gave an interview that day on channel two, next question.

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