Dr Sebi Talks About CALORIES Important

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
Yes Ma’am.

Hm, I have two questions, one of the question is about calories and ahhh changing the diet. A registered dietitian will tell you that your body needs at least a thousand calories or it will go into starvation mode, or begin to … or the body will begin to consume vital organs and so on, how valid is that?

Dr Sebi:
If it was valid then I would be dead because I don’t take any calories and I don’t know how they relate to the human body. The human body wants energy, electricity. In other words, the human body only receives what it is made up of already.

Like if I ate ‘AAA’ and the body is composed of ‘BBB’, then this ‘A’ have no place in me. There is no affinity for it to assimilate and do work, so no. Calories has no place because I take my compounds and I eat very little and ah I have more energy now at sixty-five than I did at thirty and I was taking all kind of stuff then that amounting to what is considered calories.

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