Dr Sebi – What Would He Say About Current Events (VIRUS, BACTERIA, GERMS, VACCINES)

dr sebi - current events

Dr Sebi:
A bacterium a germ or a virus simply does not exist it is a manifestation that is caused by erosion but the erosion is caused by mucus and the mucus came from the food that you eat, the stuff that they told us to eat.

So we begin now, they told us that disease is the result of germ, virus or bacteria, am I right? Who said that? The Caucasian again, but how do you know that’s true? Have we done any research independent to that of the European? He done his research fine, the Japanese did his, good, but what about my mama? My mama needs representation too isn’t it? I want to hear what mama have to say, but my mama said that there’s no such thing as a germ, virus or bacteria. What did you say Dr Sebi? This is in court, this is the supreme court of United States, the judge said what did you say? I said there is no such thing as a germ, a virus or a bacteria.

Then what is it? I said ma’am, it is a microbe that is generated in the body when erosion begins. She said explain that, I said very simply, if I take a very healthy human being and lay them on this table and not move them for a month when I raise them what are they going to have on their back, bedsore and inside that bedsore would be some little worms isn’t it? Sure, but where did the worms come from or where were they birth? In the man himself, ah but why, why the bedsore, you didn’t move that person, that part of him was lacking of oxygen. You never see bedsore on the top of the person, you see them on the bottom. The deprivation of oxygen causes all disease, big mystery, you see how quickly you learn that. Every disease that is manifested is caused by the deprivation of oxygen. You have it with a very healthy man lay him down and not move him he would get a bedsore. I said are your honor, if I take a potato place it inside of an oxygen-free vessel 14 days later you begin to see breakdown until you see little worms coming out of the potato. Where did the worms come from? From across the street and invaded your potato or from inside the potato, from inside the potato.

So when they talk about this virus, you think that it was something that you inhale in the air, no because we were mislead. We go back again to the virus, then this end where we throw out virus right? Now we go to germ, they say the disease is the result of what, germ, virus or bacteria, but we just threw out virus because the man had a bed so and he got it because of what not moving him.

His body was being deprived of oxygen, now we go internal. When those cells cease to receive oxygen they break down and depending where the erosion has taken place what disease you would have. If the erosion is in the nostril that is what sinusitis, in the bronchial tube is bronchitis.

I didn’t have to be inoculated, I was never inoculated but for children of today, I don’t know and I don’t think it is a good thing to do anyway because they have to explain how that this N1, N1H1 vaccine could assimilate. How could it assimilate to do the work that their claim is supposed to be doing when it’s a chemical, it is a step down , it is a dead version of the disease itself. If it was a dead version of disease itself, then we want you to explain scientifically how does a dead version of the disease that I’m being protected from is gonna help me? We never questioned these things.

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