Dr Sebi – Brooklyn New York- Part 1


good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for coming to the masonic temple i’m proud to introduce from honduras dr satan

ah let’s give them one more round of


ladies and gentlemen

brothers and sisters the [ __ ] is here

is because of you thank you

you made me

and you didn’t even know it you made me

i want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and listen to your brother

because i want you to know

that your presence today

let me know that i am supposed to behave accordingly because you showed me your love and your respect for the entity to our ancestors i love you

i came to america in 1954 i stepped off of the banana boat

with a pair of tennis white pants white shirt never been to school the boy was 20 21

you had me to be where i am now how are we going to connect the dots

with the continent from which we were severed how are we going to connect with us we have to because never in the history of the black race has we been sick as we are now in and out of africa we are sick we are so sick that we can’t even find a reason why we should come together and you know something it’s in place it’s right in place because you do not feed the food of a gorilla to a polar bear and vice versa if you feed the food of paula appeared to a gorilla he too would be confused like we are because he wasn’t designed for that food his cellular predisposition is not designed to eat me who told us to eat me

who did that the continent of africa didn’t have any cows and they didn’t have any lamb they didn’t have any goats chicken or hearts they didn’t have any rice and beans and potatoes in the end and wheat what did they ate

the anthropologists the archaeologists the pairs and and the scholars they did not write about that they write about wisdom when i never knew what that was and i’m 81 years of age

they talk about knowledge i still don’t know what that is

you know what they didn’t write in their manuals on their books what you was what we not you we were supposed to put in our mouth

never ruled about that why they didn’t know about it because they too was suffering with the same disease that we all are suffering with

the mucus that i told the supreme court that represent the one disease is affecting our brain it’s affecting our brain so much so that when i went to the continent the first time many years ago they asked me for a passport and i asked the man of the immigration entry why do you want to ask me for a passport where this is the continent from which i was suffering i need a passport to come back home could you imagine how sick we are you see we need healing i need healing so now let’s go back into the pages of history

what the anthropologists and the historians write about what the scholars dismiss

whenever nature creates something that something has to follow a room a law

you will not find penguins in the desert you will not find polar bears in the desert he could only live in the cold but you will never find a gorilla in the snow that is not his home he has to obey that law that cosmic arrangement it is like the little frog in puerto rico

cookie cookie that continues to sleep but if you remove that frog from puerto rico nine kilometers away from the acres the form dies

because you have interfered you have integrated with the cosmic arrangement of that problem the problems are patient jacobs black people who were not placed in america we were placed in africa

but with that african placement there was a mandate yeah there was a mandate black people well let me begin the process of showing what mama was about i happened to be in brazil seven years ago and there was a conversation with a mexican and a principal the mexican was telling the frenchman you said

give to god who made champagne so what was that laughing because we know that the frenchman won the argument so

the mexican said and what about you say what do you have to say about your people well i have a little

a little bit to the russian not in all said you better watch what you see about your people i said why not enough because your mama didn’t have no clothes on 500 years ago my mama didn’t have no clothes on i looked at rahul the mexican i said well did you have a night off he said yeah that your mama didn’t have any clothes on 500 years ago and defenseman said why don’t you defend her i have to defend my mama he’s just sick but he didn’t know it you see it’s a matter of interpretation frenchman the the russians said my mama didn’t have any children he had no idea what he was doing

i said rather now

why did you

of all the items that mama didn’t have you stopped them from clothes but as for her clothes you need to tell me that my mama didn’t have no clothes on and walk the jungles of africa for millions of years among of brothers and sisters and friends nobody was jumping on her i said not enough you just messed up you were showing us that mama lived in a highly ethical society a highly mold that she could walk around without no clothes and nobody was jumping on her what kind of folks were living then and if you want to know where did rain work you take your clothes off during the summer and you walk the streets of brooklyn and see what’s going on

we begin to see that the contradiction that we have accepted is to be the very thing that caused our demise

the most powerful of all the genders of the gender mama who tells you and i that the lion is the king of the jungle oh yeah who teach him what he knows who did the lion what you know his mama isn’t it because you never saw a card in the forest following daddy

never would you find a car following daddy he followed mama because she and she alone have the secret of life hope to read to child not a dad i am a daddy many many many times i never tell my children anything about one now suicide my 34 years old son i haven’t seen him in some time i never beat suzanne i never tested anything so now we come back to mama mariolof said she didn’t have any clothes on she didn’t have any clothes she didn’t have any doctors she didn’t have any medicine she didn’t have any hospital but she didn’t have any disease do you know why i know that mama didn’t have any disease it’s simple it’s very simple that’s why i know that she should not have been looked at and categorized as a savage because she lives in an alkaline world and it is alkalinity that brings about tranquility

mama mama didn’t need a hospital she lived in an alkali world and it is mama that prepared me for this journey how how does she connect with god very simple

mama didn’t have any money she didn’t have any alcohol she didn’t have any prostitution she didn’t have anything that we have today in the civilized world mama lived connected to the loss of life she couldn’t make any mistakes because she didn’t read any books

i have not read any books my son is 34 years of age he didn’t see daddy reading the book saying the books and her biology and i read though to find that there were a lot of inconsistencies all of them every book that has been written herbology is alive

if they were true you wouldn’t be here today you were here because you heard the doctors have cured the diseases that hadn’t been cured

of course i set out to do that for you i’m doing it for you you’re doing it for me i was a steam engineer making a lot of money but i wasn’t satisfied because a mexican had healed me and i know that healing could be healing could be a pain that we could receive healing that healing was true but all the herbalists in america was reading these books proclaimed europe and they were giving you golden seal and they were giving you peppermint and they were giving you enthusia and they were giving you golden steel and not to mention aloe vera and noni and moringa they give you all that you know why they did that to you because you had both eyes closed and they had one eye open

but that is taking advantage of an individual you don’t do that you respect your family

yes you do you respect your family so the only reason why you may have offered them these poisons either of ignorance or i just don’t care well now we’re not going to do that the time has come that the elasticity is about the power

look at africa africa is loaded with ebola ebola is not the disease of africa the disease of africa is what malnutrition is suffering with a deficiency that all of us are suffering with you understand life let me break it down

whenever i need to stretch your bones

i go to a plant known as sea loss

why because the active ingredient is calcium

when i want to nourish the blood i go to the burnout i go to the south peril or i go to the the other one which is donation

because their active ingredient is iron

whenever you talk about birds

what does birds eat seeds and fruits please don’t tell that to an eagle he eats me he will eat me he will eat you but he’s a bird but if you leave that bird and go to another bird like the love bird and the kids sat from guatemala they eat seeds and fruits everything has a food designed for them what is our food please don’t look for it because our school teachers our anthropologists and our historian isn’t right about that so don’t even look for it and if we are not eating the food that is consistent with our cellular predisposition or over dna we are crazy we are out of our mind and i’m one of them i’m one of you you think i wasn’t born sick i was born with asthma i was born with bronchitis a baby is born sick yes a baby is born sick mama what did you ate with daddy before you went to bed that night to make me well one day we eat crabs the other day we eat lobster the other day we eat crumbs the other day we eat shrimp the other day we eat half the hour with chicken and cow and he repeated in the sanctuary

the spiral that was injected into my mama 81 years ago that is responsible for me today you think that it was of the quality of my father in africa 600 years ago that it was not impregnated with blood or stars which is acid come on now you know we sick we are sick but we cannot criticize ourselves because nobody is out of it i’m in it with you just as sick as you i may be even sicker but to rectify that disease state is what we have for today not to criticize anyone

you’re here to change it

directly by it and to bring back the love that existed long time ago with us because we are still in love but it has been umbrella or tempered with what with rice and beans hot mars and chilies yeah and i was telling my son just now how i appreciate him because for many years since i used to hate to see me sneak and eat fish i need to always catch me with it and he didn’t like that but daddy left that long time ago but i still get the urge to want to go because that is the degree of the conditioning that we’ve been placing so i used cocaine one yeah i’m going to peru where i bought cocaine for a hundred dollars an hour i left that really quick but it took me a long time before i left that rice and beans is that something so now brothers and sisters dr savin your brother that came to new york and used to pardon him all of you supported us and i appreciate that because when i was arrested i was arrested because i put the head in the newspaper that i cure aids sickle cell lupus herpes blindness cancer another


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