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Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:
And one day a brother from New Orleans Ronald Evans called me here in Los Angeles and said.
‘Hey, I met a Mexican that healed everything.’ I said, ‘You’re crazy, a wet back you say yeah you better think again.

I went to Mexico and I met the man, the man looked at me and asked where are you from?

I say I’m from Honduras, see I was born in central America, Honduras.

‘Where you from? I say I’m from Honduras he said man. I can’t help you I said why, because black people doesn’t come from Honduras. That’s Maya, that’s Piya, that’s Lenca.

Where you from? I say ‘oh I’m from Africa’, he said now we could talk.

[Applause] [Music]

Now we could talk. As an African you have a beginning, not as a negro, not as an Afro-American, you have no beginning but slavery but as an African your beginning is before slavery.

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