Dr Sebi – Why No Honey


Dr Sebi:

Honey that stuff is deadly. One of America’s greatest musician by name of Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet. I met the brother because I met him and… at the same time.

This man used to drink two tablespoon of honey every day because at the time in New York in the 50s and the 60s honey was on the top of the list, because the Bible talk about honey. But what the people didn’t know, the Honey the Bible talk about come from a natural bee.

The bee that you have today is a hybrid animal. That honey is acid and it’s sugar. It would give you diabetes, you tell a diabetic to eat that honey and see what’s gonna happen, send his sugar way oughta wack!

He died of of sugar attack in Germany Eric Dolphy died with that honey. God to not make that bee.

The bee that makes the honey that is alkali is a small little fly, you Jamaicans have seen it. They make their honey in the trees, in the holes and they go in the ground. Black America doesn’t know that now

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