Dr Sebi – Why People Get Sick – What Did Africans Eat – Herbs (Part 1)

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Dr Sebi:

Welcome. Welcome to the new perspective of healing. New I said, when in reality, it is as old as creation. Yeah. The subject is healing. You see, it has to be as old as creation. Because the components, that is going to address healing, or bring about healing has to be one that is considered native, geologically.

Native plants, are natural plants. Natural plants are electrical. Why? The base of natural plants, the very foundation, is what the Chinese call the C-H-O arrangement. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

So in life, to life expression, for life to express itself, or to exist, there has to be what? Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The Chinese call it the CHO. I agree. What does CHO have to do with healing? It is the structure that would allow a substance to readily assimilate, biologically. Without carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, that substance is non-electrical. It is non-organic.

So, as we take a look at life, we want to clear the air, we want to dismiss that myth, we want to dispel the myth that this and that is incurable, and that this and that disease came to the process of what germ, virus or bacteria. Well you see, this is the philosophy of medicine. As you can see, I am of a genetical predisposition that is African. I am an African, and I think that it is the greatest thing that ever happened to me, to be born an African. Or, like, if I was a China-man, I would have loved to be a China-man. Or a Caucasian, or an Arab, or an Eskimo.

So, we are talking this way to show that whatever you are, that is what you were supposed to be. And, as we are that expression that life made, like expression called of this image, you call Sebi, I have no control of that.

So as we travel on the journey of healing, we want to ask one question that hasn’t been asked in my lifetime that I know about (and probably it has been asked and I am totally unaware of it – it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t asked) Why do we get sick? The body was not designed to be sick. Bird doesn’t get sick. Elephant doesn’t get sick. He needs no vet. The lion doesn’t need a vet. Neither does a giraffe. Or any of the natural animals.

Why do we get sick? There has been a violation. A violation that is costing us our life today. And it would have been OK if I live happy until I die because of the violation, but that isn’t what’s happening. Because of the violation I become stressed, I become extremely stressed, until I die.

Why do we get sick? What is the violation? The violation comes with creation, the understanding of it. The violation is when we have forgot or dismissed the Ecclesiastics when it is said “The herbs are for the healing of the nations.” But we don’t care about that. God, you make your statement that the herbs are good. We are conditioned for a chemical God. So God, whatever you have to say is in trouble today, because I – Pastor Gale (I am referring to my brother) – am a preacher for 30 years, God, and my brother Sebi, known as Dr Sebi, came and showed me in the Bible in the book of Genesis, Ezekiel and revelations, that the herbs are for the healing of the nation. But what my brother Sebi didn’t know, that the food that I have been trained to eat, has turned me against the very God that I claim to worship. I am compelled, I am compelled to violate that greatest image, that greatest structure: God and the organic world.

So now I don’t want to take you into a crazy maze of a bunch of words that I am deploying to you. I want to make sense because you make sense. We all make sense. Why are we sick? And where is the violation.

Oh, I want to say this before we get into the subject, that the reason for the violation – and the violation didn’t come to me until I was about 50 years of age – but I was born here in Honduras, in Ilanga, a little village with seven houses, and that little boy is going to grow up in that village until the age of eight, and you mean to tell me that from that position, which the house in which I was born, was ground, it was the dirt, we didn’t have any ceramic or woods, mama didn’t have that. Mama had a dirt floor. It was always clean. So from that level, of being born in Ilanga, Honduras, to have made this leap into the understanding of things, that I would arrive at deploying these words to you about health. The boy never been to school. The boy didn’t read any books. I was least of the candidate that could think of occupying a position that could be credible.

Well, guess what. Nature designs and decides that. The violation, you’re gonna to see it. You see, I said, we’re going to travel on this journey. It’s a beautiful journey. It’s a beautiful path. It’s peaceful because it brings understanding. Look carefully about the way the African live in the jungles. Look at the way the Inca live in the desert of Nazca. Look at the way the Maya lived in Central America, and then we go to the Toltecs and the Olmecs in Mexico. Then we go to the Cheyenne and the Sioux, those American Indians. Carefully, we’re going to begin with that.

The African, the Inca from South America, the Maya, Central America, the Toltecs and the Olmecs from Mexico and the American brothers and sisters, natives. You know what we are called by certain…on certain levels of understanding? We are called the organic family. The organic family? All families are organic – not so! I was in Nasca, Peru which I travel once in a while. I love Peru, I’ve been going to Peru since 1955. And I enjoy going to Peru like I enjoy going to Mexico. It was in Peru that I became aware of the organic family, through a Peruvian Inca descendant.

He said: “Black man, are you aware, or do you have any idea what you represent?” I said: “No Pau**”. He said: “Well, we have something in common. We are a member of the organic family.” What did he mean by that?

You see, the organic family is exactly what we say it is: Organic. No waste. We do not produce waste. Everything about us is recyclable. And this is why we didn’t have any toilets. Oh God, what is this? This man is showing me something that I have never before heard. We didn’t have any toilets. Said “no”, we didn’t have any toilets. We didn’t need that. Remember: what we ate was products that are considered native. No starch, no uric acid, no blood.

No blood, no starch. Uric acid, blood. Carbonic acid, starch. You see, when we ate, we ate electric foods. That’s all we had in our environment. The organic family only had electric food as part of their diet. So they ate very little, and infrequent. It wasn’t necessary to eat three times a day? With plates full of tiana**, dashen, cassava, and blood.

Not to mention the rice, which is starch. Glycerinic acid. No, we didn’t have that. The organic family only ate electric food. So when he pass his feces, he could pass his feces in his hands. And put it back in the soil. But the family, he said, that lived outside of that cosmic arrangement; you don’t want to be around when he use the bathroom. It’s something that is horrible.

Imagine what goes on inside. If what you smell is so unpleasant, what goes on inside? So the organic family, being that it was electric food, their diet, there was no waste. This was recyclable. Didn’t need a toilet. “Do you understand, black man, what I’m saying to you?” You remember Pau**? I said of course, and I love him.

The organic family was never diseased. Why? It was impossible. It was impossible because we lived within the arrangement, the procession of life. I am not an Inca. And there are certain things that are indigenous to the Inca. I am not a Sioux, or a Cheyenne. I am not a Toltec, I am not a Maya —end—

** spelling uncertain

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