Dr Sebi – If The Day Comes…


Dr Sebi:
So I grew up with that kind of giving in my house, the boy is listening to things that I’m not hearing today.

First of all, when I was seven I was prepared by my mother, my grandmother. I said hey grandmother, I want a birthday present.

She said no, stop! Who came out of who? You came out your mother, or your mother came out of you? I said, I came out my mother. She said well I think you better buy the present for her, you got no present.

So I walked away, she called me back, she said come on back here Fred.

You need no duck. I want a duck that you wind up to put in the water.

You don’t need a duck you don’t need anything and if the day comes that you don’t have any money to buy any clothes you walk around the way god made you, without no clothes. You need no one, you need nothing.

I said…wow! Why do I have to hear this? But that must have registered in my brain because the boy didn’t go to school.

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