Dr Sebi – It’s As Simple As That

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

So apart from understanding that in the structure of life you find carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

That’s necessary; but since we work every day and we’re very busy we don’t have time to be going into the chemistry because it sometimes become confounded and difficult but a good measure is

it has starch? Yes; it’s no good for me, simple that. So what am I going to do? I’m not going to eat any whole wheat bread bread. I’m not going to eat barley but I’m going to eat spelt bread yes I’m gonna eat spelt bread why because it’ll start less i could eat injera that is starch less and because its starch less instead of rice because the objective is what peace. I want to find peace within myself that’s the only objective is not the amount of money that I could amass is not the amount of houses that i own because i could only live in one room it’s about the state of our health and to understand or to treat that to maintain the state of health that would privileges us that would privilege us to live comfortable that’s all we want we want to live comfortable that doesn’t cost any money, it just cost a couple seconds of nothing really, doesn’t cost anything it just require a level of understanding.

In that understanding you begin to make a better selection it’s not like 500 years ago you didn’t have to weed between the maze.

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