Dr Sebi – Oxygen & The Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System

Dr Sebi:

Look, number one, here’s one for you. The woman that cured the naked man in El Buchio (sp)

…to take your clothes off, she said take your clothes off and he got him naked, and the man sit right down.

[Laughing] but they could not understand why, but the oxygen wasn’t was engulfing his body now, and his brain, his central nervous system, calming him down, oxygen, but we are covered up because we have to obey the mandate designed by the industrialist, not the mandate of life itself, and whenever you step out of the mandate of life you get into trouble big time because now you’re violating life, and you are going to get away with that? Are you out of your mind? Look you could violate Socrates and Plato but you’re not going to play with life.

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