Dr Sebi – There Is A Cosmic Arrangement

cosmic arrangements

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Dr Sebi:
And that’s not enough we want something beside that

do you but we never think about that that’s why one day I’m looking at with Taiwa me and Tai were looking at these cartoons I want to call to the muppet

I am alive, I am alive, a-l-i-v-e, I am alive a donkey is alive a chicken is alive and so am I, I am alive;

And I kept hearing that, I am alive.

Do you know what that means man that’s everything but in today’s world, I’m alive it’s insufficient. I need diamonds on my body right? I need monuments I need a Rolex watch, man I, I need my Rolex watch you know are you eventually in something I I I need i don’t need and I need uh Pablo are you here to El Topo

Well again you see that comes out of your culture el toppo is one of the baddest pieces you’re gonna ever see where this man white died his son was very much attached to his mommy and boy his daddy saw that and saw that this dependency is unreal he told his son to gather all the things that he liked best and in the thing that he liked best was his mother picture he should put it in that bag and he took him in the desert and said you dig a hole and you put that stuff in there and bury it and have the boy jump on the back of the hall going back well they told me the story i didn’t see it but it’s in their toppo but i know this kind of energy comes out of mexico it’s some deep [ __ ] they put some deep [ __ ] on your ass look number one here’s one for you

the woman that killed the the naked man in in uh in a

inedible seal

the prediction they were to take your clothes off she’d take your clothes off and he got him naked and they man sit right down

and they could

they could not understand why but the oxygen wasn’t was engulfing his body now and his brain his central nervous system calming down oxygen but we covered that

because we have to obey the mandate designed by the industrialists not the mandate of life itself and whenever you step out of the mandate of life you get into trouble big time because now you’re violating life and you’re going to get away with that are you out of your mind you could violate socrates and rachel but you’re not going to play with life the two people or two things that you would not play with is life and that one i’m not banded self yes i learned about stuff in detroit from a sister who’s a school teacher where the description she gave himself i mean you don’t want to mess with self mess with anything else but self and it is so beautiful so now we find ourselves we find ourselves

trying to make a decision in our lives or make a decision in our lives that will bring others bring about a degree of peace because that’s how we’re looking for it’s peace just contentment to be tranquil yeah i could smile i could listen to the birds i could enjoy the butterflies of course why not

but for us to really understand the mechanics behind that we have to begin with life itself what about life

there’s an arrangement there is an arrangement that is right on time every year spring is never late summer is never late winter nor autumn they come right on time and those plants that we see that blooms every year they come at the same time every year what happened is there a computer in each of those plants that’s going to connect them with the time and with this opponent to bloom

no that is a cosmic arrangement like that plant like that bird that flies from the north to the south when winter arrives or when autumn arrives he doesn’t read on a calendar oh it is october or november the 27th we got to start packing

he picks it up in his feathers and they all get the same message and they are gone south so now as we begin to talk about the thing that we talk about they should always be connected to the foundation of life why because it is electrical

is electrical it’s compatible with us

this is about the abcs of healing

the abcs of healing of course the beginning to understand it you see it’s artificial anyway healing is as artificial as wearing a pair of shoes

that’s artificial because you’re not touching the salt no longer with the bottom of your feet to receive the minerals but i’m not modern i can’t help it i gotta watch not only with shoes but shots on do further disconnecting me so to understand healing is very very good and we all should and we all could and the purpose of understanding healing it brings about what peace it brings about love for self so we begin the journey where do we begin with healing once upon a time brothers and sisters and friends listeners we didn’t have to know anything about anything in reference to making a decision to put something in our mouth we did not have to read a book right we didn’t have a nutritionist

we didn’t have any enzymes protein and vitamins why because all the things in our environment were alkali we didn’t have to make a decision whether this is good or bad or try to make that distinction now you better know it you better know because right now we are engaged and surrounded with the use of many many many many inorganic substances yes we are we are surrounded by it immersed in it and we want to get out of it but to get out of it is to know that it is bad and the only way that you’re going to know that these things are not as complementary as we would like for them to be you have to compare them with life and that is mother nature pachamama now we begin the journey in life life substance has a base they call it carbon hydrogen and oxygen this you find in the science of biochemistry the foundation of biochemistry is the understanding that carbon hydrogen and oxygen is the composition of life without these three players life does not exist in that substance this is why you could burn a carrot you could burn beets it doesn’t burn to ashes the only thing that burns the ashes is those things or are those things that are carbon based they are what they are considered native by the geologists so we find carbon hydrogen and oxygen if the substance doesn’t have these three as players in the core of its structure you have an acid substance that is against life itself now we are not living 500 years ago when our mothers didn’t have to make a decision what you gonna feed your baby because she only fed her babies her milk her milk and her milk was not impregnated with meat with starches because they simply did not exist they did not eat any starches which is carbonic acid so now to understand nature you you will see as we begin to excavate little by little we find

that nature doesn’t produce any substance that has starch

in it or present starch is counter life against life nature did not produce a starch substance that is a yardstick or a method that you could use to be able to navigate through the maze because they have confounded things you see once upon a time on this planet there were no country there were no whole wee there were no bulgaria there were no oatmeal there weren’t any carrots or beets they weren’t any ancient asia or aloe vera there weren’t any golden seal and many many many others now why were these things made i don’t know but i know this that this thing doesn’t play any part in the sustenance of life so in the abcs of our understanding as to what is and what shouldn’t be in our presence our diet is to understand that everything that has electricity has to be starch less a substance that is starch less is considered to be alkali a substance that has starch is acid energy will not be obtained from nor found in it so as we continue now with the abcs of understanding what is healing we have to understand life structure life structure in understanding life structure then you’ll be able to select you will be able to select from the forest the things that are life-giving when i was in washington a few years ago i remember seeing a brother of mine and we all loved jimmy gray he always had a licorice stick in his mouth and most of us that begin to grow in their understanding of what is nutrition many of us have

used liquidity as a nourishing agent but in reality liquid stick has more glycerinic acid than that sugar it will hurt you it will hurt you why simply because it isn’t a product that came from mother nature so apart from understanding that in the structure of life you find carbon hydrogen and oxygen

that’s necessary but since we work every day and we’re very busy we don’t have time to be going into the chemistry because it sometimes become confounded and difficult but a good measure is

it has thought yes but it’s no good for me simple that so what am i gonna do i’m not gonna eat any whole wheat bread bread i’m not gonna eat barley but i’m gonna eat spelt bread

yes i’m gonna eat spelt bread why because it’ll start less i could eat and jira that is starch less and because if onion starts less instead of rice because the objective is what

peace i want to find peace within myself that’s the only objective is not the amount of money that i could amass is not the amount of houses that i own because i could only live in one room it’s about the state of our health and to understand or to treat that to maintain the state of health that would privileges us that would privilege us to live comfortable that’s all we want we want to be comfortable that doesn’t cost any money it just cost a couple of seconds of nothing really doesn’t cost anything it just requires a level of understanding

in that understanding you begin to make a better selection it’s not like 500 years ago you didn’t have to weed between the the maze of negative because there weren’t any negatives those things didn’t exist

day before yesterday which was tuesday

mr g marina orrell and last but not least where there was pablo and the sister chef aki they went to the maya ruins we all went together but i didn’t go in this time i’ll sit in the car and let them go because i want them to hear without my mouth when they came back i said to them i asked them what did y’all learn well

queen of chef aki said why so much blood

i said i don’t know if there were any blood but the guys said they were blood oh well how would we know this that they were blood when the maya

ate only that which was alkali it would have been difficult very very very very difficult for him to leave a relaxed state and find a reason to kill someone another human being you see we know this to be true that the maya didn’t ate corn rice nor beans but the guy told these people that the maya ate these things that is not really true the maya could not have been eaten corn or rice no beans why because these things are european all of them they are hybrids they were brought to this part of the world with christopher columbus furthermore these things have starts even until recently and even today they have a grain hair known as teosinte they make tamales and they make tortillas just like they use corn but it is naturally the starch less just go back to the maya and the guy telling these people our brothers and sisters that the maya ate corn and they ate rice and beans now this information wasn’t true

what else did they said about the maya that we have to suspect to be other than truth many other things

so you see we are surrounded with misinformation and out of that package of misinformation that we learn in school that we pick up in the environment we use that in our everyday life to make our decision well i wasn’t privileged to school you see i see things different i see things differently not better because i’m not buried anyone but i see things differently much different that difference is tied to mother nature i never make a decision that isn’t connected to life the decision that i made had to be connected to life the components have to be life-giving this is why it’s difficult for me to live in the world of belief

i don’t believe in anything

i didn’t have to believe in anything i don’t even believe in myself talk about someone or something else now as for myself

again that difference that i see things by and in the environment of difference is precipitated by what i see in mother nature i’m always in favor of the woman being the leader because that’s what she really represents the female gender i have no difficulty with that but in the last 50 years of my life that i’ve been married to various women

maybe i prevented them from exhibiting that energy and that tenacity of a female maybe there was something about me that prevented these women from exhibiting that power that energy then that energy can’t blame them but my interpretation is a little bit different again different but i recognize that the woman is the energy that maintains the society so because that is in conformity with life again the elephant family is only composed of females and those of you who have grown marijuana the one thing that you don’t want in your field is a male plant you yank him out

always the female in fact heroin honduras i gave people the duck the duck is a beautiful orchid it’s purple and lavender it’s a female plant all of the plants in the forest that produces the flower they have to be female because the other one is reproducing so that is this the beginning of this abcs of understanding that is required for us to put into motion when we come in contact with another human being you have to recognize that you don’t know that person and that you’re gonna have to allow them the privilege to express themselves the way they are the way they see things and you and i not criticize that because they are different that’s only the beginning to recognize

others as you would your own self

there we find now the journey becomes stress less you’re not afraid to make decisions and even if you make a mistake or you’re happy because you can learn something but when you live in this world of philosophy it doesn’t allow you too much leverage and then you feel like you have to walk and do things within a particular perimeter no that is mechanically arranged so bolingo

bolingo is a word that came out of the congo which means love

love love meaning that we have reached a level of acceptance of self-acceptance and in so doing i love everybody

i love everybody

bolingo is to bring out of us the best that is locked by the acid condition that exists in our body today we want to relax we want to be in a stressless state but to accomplish that we have to select the proper food every cell is made up of a different structure a different mineral the bones are calcium the blood is iron the brain is copper and carbon but what about the individual person does he represent a dna that is different from everybody else yes yes his dna is different but has that different been treated no it has been treated

they give us the same medicine they give everybody else yet the physician would tell us that one fits all but that’s impossible my genetical predisposition is different i’m supposed to be treated different

differently am i no so we at bolingo knowing that this has been omitted this this degree of understanding or this level of understanding has not surfaced yet in 1988

the present philosophy of medicine was challenged

not for the first time 2781 cases before was challenged the american medical association

the african biomineral balance was the only therapeutical approach that prevailed over the existing philosophy but to do so we had to rely again on the natural manifestation of life we have to select from that particular perspective the compounds use to bring about the reversibility no big secret electric body electric fools it is said by many that when the body is sick it need a medicine to cure it the african biomedical balance negate that position when the body is sick it means that it need to be nourished back to health because minerals have been lost energy has been lost we have to retrieve that to bring about the degree of energy that would help this individual to manage their own daily life that cannot be accomplished by medicine it has never been accomplished by any medicine in the last 500 years but the african biomedical balance that just came into existence chance about 45 47 years ago we have on record that by putting into motion mother nature and using from her her compounds or her natural materials yes we are proud to say at bolingo that we create we cause sickle cell blindness diabetes lupus herpes we should be proud that we have raised the bar and set the standards of course why not the purpose of science is to improve the present condition and you keep improving until you reach that level of ultimate perfection where that is i don’t know but if there is an offering that eclipse all others then we are obligated to raise with the level that has the new level that has been established if we fail and we operate substrata it means that we are being inconsiderate and we want to deny true

no that breaks down the whole fiber of the family

we at bolingo understand that many of our brothers and sisters who are in the art of healing have reluctantly refused that no they have refused and were reluctant to even join dr savey in 1980 he was told by many of them in new york that he got himself in this mess he had to take his own self out they were under the impression that i was going to lose but by me knowing that the premise and the very foundation that i was going to use and established in the supreme court of new york was solid as it could ever be i didn’t walk in there expecting to lose they calibrated me with their barometer that they have measured their own self by where lo and behold we prevailed so today we make the announcement that there is any disease that our family is beset by that we do not have the answer at bolingo and that we with the african biomedical balance has not reversed yes it is not an alternative it is complementary for it to be complementary it has to be electrical thank you thank you very much

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