Dr Sebi – Water Is Important

Alkaline water


Greetings Dr Sebi.

Dr Sebi:
Raise your voice up so I can hear you.

Alright I was at the lecture last night, thank you so much for this message around self-love and love of our community and I really want to ask you about water because when we think about our community right and we’re using tap water to cook with our food and some of us may not necessarily, not coming from a poverty mindset but from a reality of lived experience some people may not have the resource and the ability to afford alkaline water right so can you talk about some practical solutions for us as we think about how we have to bathe in this water brush our teeth in this water that’s coming out of the tap system cook with this water what can we do to transmute this water that we’re cooking with so that we can raise our vibrations for our body’s health

Dr Sebi:
I would recommend us to buy distilled water to cook with, not to drink, to cook with because distilled water has a pH of 7, it will rob you of your minerals.

To drink, the water the Glace is good, Perrier is good, anything that is done by mother nature.

If the alkalinity is being obtained through a process of osmosis, it’s no good, it would injure you because I have done it mechanically, you want nature to do it. This is why in the village in Honduras, ah Mr. G was saying to me tonight that his knee, he had to go and see a doctor for years with his knees that was paining him, so my daughter told Mr G to go get in the thermal water and Mr G could not believe how could this water do all of this, because of the level of oxygen.

Water need to have a high level of oxygen. What we intend to do in the two hundred million dollars of the Bolingo project we buy the refrigerated boat to do what, to bring from Honduras the water we are talking about to supply this region the west and the east, the north

Yes water is important.


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