Dr Sebi on Arnold Ehret and The Mucusless Diet

Arnold Ehret

Dr Sebi:

Arnold Ehret on the other hand he talks about the mucusless diet. He doesn’t talk about the herbs and how to cure disease. But he said if you stop eating foods that would break down the mucus membrane, mucus making food that you would be healed again from any disease that you have, just stop it. Arnold was a white man as you know, he was a German, he made a mistake, he told the world that a black man was inherently superior to a white man, they didn’t like that. He also said that when the white race stop eating acid food that their body would begin to turn brown, like an Indian, yes, he did say that, and he also said that when he tried with himself, he used himself as an example. He was in good health and he cut himself, and the wound healed in less than no time, maybe five or six days, it was closed and there were no pus. He began eating potatoes and carrots and cabbage and when he cut himself it turned to pus and it took a long time to heal. This is why when you find our sisters with these sores on the side and ulcers, it takes a long time to heal and it never heals. Arnold Ehret is the only person that I agree with 100%.

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