Dr Sebi – The Homeopathic Medicine


Dr Sebi:

But we’re handicapped because those who suppose the replace the allopathic medicine, he come with what, homeopathic, just as bad. You see, he comes something a little step down but still not as complementary as it should be because his substance now is not carcinogenic but they are inorganic, there’s a difference, there’s a big difference.

The doctor uses chemicals that would hurt you and eat you up.

The homeopathic doesn’t do that, he gives you stuff that it just clog your system because it doesn’t assimilate because it’s not part of you, he uses oxides. The body is not made of an oxide structure, is made of a phosphate structure .When you burn a body. it burns to ash, it’s phosphate, you burn a piece of wood it burns to ash, phosphate thoughts later. So the substance that need to be used would necessarily be phosphate but within the phosphate environment you have some artificial one like the country we mentioned.

Why comfrey is dangerous? Because it was made by creation. So, the healer now cannot use the allopathic nor the homeopathic, we have had to use what the natural, the natural but now even differentiating between what is natural or unnatural is a problem because, when I gave the speech in New York that carrots were natural, oh boy I mean this will rotten eggs of me I couldn’t walk the street they hated me.

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