Dr Sebi – Interracial Relationship – Respect (Live Cosmic)

Human life beginning

Dr Sebi comments on interracial, respect and living cosmic.

Dr Sebi
[Applause] Don’t do that [Applause] You just don’t do that. That’s a violation. You know, it’s like taking a horse and a mule. A horse and a jackass and making a mule. A mule my cannot reproduce itself. It’s a hybrid product. So, now I’m gonna take my black sperm and unite that with a white ovum. No, no, no a white ovum will need a white sperm. I’m compatible. So when I meet a white man I respect him, I respect the Chinese, I respect an Eskimo, but now am I not deserving of respect on the same equal base?

[Applause] Am I might supposed to hate the Chinese, the white, or the Arab? If hate anyone then who is uncosmic? I would be. Oh but don’t ask me to live white or Chinese because now you’re violating me, and in that violation i shortened my life.

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