Dr Sebi – The Role of Genetics and Environment

The African Bio-Mineral Balance

Dr. Sebi. I can call you Dr. Sebi, right?

Dr. Sebi:
Yes sir.

Let me ask you a question. In his book, ‘Let’s Get Well’, Paavo Ariola states that people of African descent are not programmed or cannot digest milk cheese and other dairy products could you elaborate on this?

Dr. Sebi:
Yes this is the reason for establishing the African Bio mineral Balance. When Mr. Paavo Ariola made a statement that we are not programmed to digest milk if you are of African descent I understood clearly what he was saying but many of the readers of the book did not primarily because there there is a part of this whole healing process that need to be considered and was never brought to the forefront whether that we were not as awakened or whether we just ignore it that aspect is genetics.

Genetics is very important because her Mr. Paavo Ariola is showing us that if your ancestors are from Africa that your body is not programmed to digest milk so there must be a difference with the African race and any other race of people, that is his genetical structure. And this is the very foundation on which the Usha Research Institute has built its foundation, has built its edifice and building the edifice based on genetics then it necessitates a substance to be developed that would be consistent with that particular genetical group. This has not been considered by nutritionist or pathologist and this is the reason why we are the assurances Institute feels that they have not really arrived at a point that they could compliment as well as they would like to because they have not considered genetics. Genetics is very extremely important.

Why? Because everything on the planet is constructed genetically different, placed in a particular environment and on specific geographies. Like for instance, we talk about genetics, environment they all are related. Why? Because the gorillas lives in Africa where the temperature is warm, it’s in the tropics but we find on others another gene group the gorilla (meant polar bear), he lives in Alaska where it is very cold. So we find now that one gene could live in an environment the other cannot. We also find that the gene group the difference could ingest certain substance, not so for the other. We are using the gorilla and the polar bear, for example again. The polar bear could ingest meat, and it would be proper with his dietary program and consistent with his biological and genetical instruction. As for the gorilla, he cannot ingest meat it would be adverse to his particular gene why because he was not program or constructed in such a way. He lives in the forest where its tropical. Your brain would not accept seeing a polar bear sitting under an acacia tree in the Serengeti Plain in the month of August. Your brain would tell you that this is something that is uncosmic, that it is impossible. Again, we go to another structure we go through Birds. The Eagle it eats meat but not a kit sal, the Kid Sal does not eat meat yet the both are birds one eat meat the other eat fruits.

So we go to the plants. The plants also shows us that there is a genetical marriage to the whole cosmic arrangement of things. The plant, take for instance the burdock. The burdock plant is a plant that lives in the temperate region its structure allow it to live in a temperate region but as for the Kalawalla, the Kalawalla lives in the tropical region of the planet. The environment is not temperate, it is tropical so it could live so the plants are showing us that they to obey this cosmic arrangement. As for the food of the Kalawalla we find that it likes potassium phosphate that is the predominant, the predominant mineral. As for the burdock, it is iron. So we see that both plants obey, just like the Kitsal* and the Eagle, like the gorilla on the Polar Bear. We have the Kalawalla and the burdock they eat different foods and live in different environment.

So now we find that in nature there is and there should be an obedience for one to live to the optimum level of life one has to be obedient to the cosmic arrangement. Like the plants, the animals, the birds, the gorilla. Now we go to the Homo Sapien. As we take a close look at the Homo Sapien we find that he is the only one that feels that he is not bound to such law and in feeling that he is not bound to the law of life he have committed various violations like for instance with genetics we are talking about genetics because it is important to know what food is consistent with the so called black race. If the Foods of the gorilla and the polar bear is different, the Kitsal* and the Eagle then naturally it is necessary to understand that if it applies to all of the living species whether plant or animal it necessarily applies to man.

And when we look at the whole table of nutrition that we the so called black people has been presented with we find that we are eating the same foods to the Chinese or Europeans and Arabs eat. Then when in reference to mediction, we are also given substance that everyone else receives.
So we see here there is a gross inconsistency.


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  1. Hey, great website!. So I was wondering, I’m not Africa. American but should I find out my heritage and then somehow find what they ate that’s not hybrid? Cause I’m so sick. I understand Dr.sebis nutritional plan works for anyone, more so electrical food, but what he says about genetic dedipostion (can’t spell that) makes sense but don’t know what would be appropriate for me. Also if somehow know, how would I be able to prove or test any food ,as Dr. Sebi did, to see if a food is truly akaline or acid (aka find it’s pH)? Thank you so much

    1. Hi Brendan, Dr Sebi helped many non-Africans using the African Bio-mineral Balance approach, so if you desire to get healthy it could help you also. In terms of genetic disposition that would involve researching your origin and finding out which foods are native to ancestry.

  2. Now I don’t get it anymore. Is Dr. Sebi’s way of healing only for “Black People” working or also for “White People” or “Asian’s” and so on?

    1. Hi Cubrillo, Dr Sebi’s focus was primarily on the ‘African’ race however, his methodology can heal anyone, regardless of race.

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