Natural Plants vs Hybrid Plants – Dr Sebi

yellow dock

Dr. Sebi:

Just turn our eyes and begin to look at simple things. Such as why the clouds, why the oceans, why the water, why the herbs?

The herbs are an intricate part of this whole cosmic arrangement, the herbs…why the herbs?
When I talk about herbs I want to make it clear, I am taking about plants that are natural. I am not talking about Aloe Vera, I an not talking about Echinacea, I’m not talking about Noni, I am not talking about ginseng.

I am talking about natural plants that are electrical and they sound like this Cocolmecca, in Jamaica they call it the Iron root, I am talking about Burdock, they call it Arctium lappa and Bardana. I am talking about plants like the one that was used in Russia, Shepherd Purse. I am talking about Yellow dock. I am talking about Prodijiosa. There is a difference. What is the difference, we’re gonna sellect one from each environment, by environment I mean this. I don’t want to say category, environment, meaning that the natural plant came with nature, from God. The other plant was made in a laboratory through the process of hybridisation, or cross pollination. The plant that came with nature has a Carbon-based structure, the plant that came from the laboratory, not so. How could a laboratory put together or construct life. They cannot construct life. Life constructs life.

Burdock (Natural plant)
Burdock (Natural plant)
Echinacea (Hybrid plants)
Echinacea (Hybrid plant)

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