Dr Sebi on Garlic


Dr Sebi speaks on why he does not use garlic as a part of his healing regime. He noted that he used garlic in the early days but later realised that garlic is also harms the body.

Listen to him speak on the subject.

Dr Sebi:

Another book shows us that garlic lowers your pressure. Garlic will lower your pressure, but what they didn’t tell you is this. When the arteries is clogged because of those pork chops and those neck bones, then you have this, a little passage way for blood. garlic comes and eats this away really quick (drawing on white board) and also EATS THE MEMBRANE.

You see these things are not told to us, remember garlic on the PH scale, cow’s milk, cow’s milk sits right here (he circles the number 6 on the white board). Beer sits right here (he circles the number 4) , beer and wine. But the lower you go on the pH scale the more acid that substance will be. So now, where do you all think garlic fits? (he puts a dot after the number 3 mark), 3.3 very acid. I used to use it, I used garlic, I used everything that everybody used but I woke up one day because a woman stood in front of me and said I was a fool. Her name is Mrs Hallaman. Mrs Hallaman came to me because her little feet were hurting her and I made a salve, it was very good, it’s still good, I make it now because everybody likes it. So Mrs Hallaman asked, what am I gonna eat? I said you’re going to eat carrots and beets, drink carrot juice and beets juice. She said stop it, I said why ma’am? She said because you’re crazy. She said beets and carrots are made in a laboratory, I am made by God, so God should make my food and if I were you, I wouldn’t call myself a healer. I did the research, they call it INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE, and whatever you find in industrial agriculture, you will find it came out of a laboratory.. So why is garlic acid, because it wasn’t made by God. God only made alkali foods, but we don’t know what they are now. That’s why I was so sick at 30. I was impotent, I couldn’t have sex, I would be ashamed when a woman takes off her clothes in front of me, when I was thirty, I used to wonder, what’s gonna happen and then when it began, I would tell the woman don’t move, because if she moves too much I would ejaculate and its all over with, two minutes or less. Then you would say I was less than a man, no, I am sick. But we men don’t see that, we are embarrassed, you know, and then we try to hide it, no you’re not, and I am going to come up with one that I am going to use as an example, but the reason why garlic is very acid is (writes on the white board), take this, put it up here (he writes ‘oxide of allyl’), oxide of allyl. It will hurt you, garlic is like PUMPKIN SEED, oh I could tell you tricks to do with pumpkin seeds. Oh I could tell you things to do with plants, pumpkin seed is artificial, but if I roast it, grind it up put it into water, then drink it, it will bring your sugar right down, but you won’t be able to urinate. If I take the bark of the CASHEW tree and boil it and give it to you I would bring your sugar down but I would destroy your liver.

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