Dr. Sebi on Seville Orange (For Mucus)

Seville orange (Bitter orange)

Dr Sebi:

Yes Sir


Yes, ah [Dr Sebi: yes sir]. First of all let me …citrus fruits and all aren’t beneficial to the body?

Dr Sebi:

They are not as acid, as ah starch. You see in the acid, something that was made by this man. Some are more and some are less. Citrus is acid, I’m not going to sit here and deny that because the natural orange is alkali and I think Lori* had a chance to see one in Honduras, ah natural orange. They call it the Seville orange, any of you in the Caribbean know about Seville orange? He knows, she knows, Sure he knows. That’s an orange that cures you.

You could take Seville orange and put it on your head and mucus comes out of your nose that you never ever imagine, you see [woman: its not as sweet …] so I see what we need to do, like the brothers that’s asking about things that comes from the tropics that they do not know about why don’t we have an expedition ourselves.

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