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I would like to know if colonic irrigation is necessary?

Dr Sebi:

Colonic irrigation is extremely unhealthy because it pushes water against your cecal and at the point where (I wish I had a blackboard…) I’ll explain it now. When we come back again, I’m going to make sure that the family of Usha has a blackboard. I’ll show you. Where, this is your ascending colon, right here, this is your transverse colon, this is your descending colon. Things goes across very easy and down very easy but to climb up, to crawl up is very difficult, now I’m going to push water up here, then across down. Now there is no where out here so I am having to impact things down here with that water at 15lb per square inch pressure, not only that. The obstruction is not in the colon, it’s in the small intestine, because the valve, the cecal valve only pushes things out, it doesn’t admit things in because that would be an apercemia**, so as this valve clogs, so the small intestine and there goes your stomach.

So when you get your colonics, yes you will see some feces out of it but the obstruction is in the small intestine and since this valve doesn’t allow any water to go in, how are you going to clean the small intestines out, where the petrifaction feces is. And not only that, when you take water and put in a machine and then push that up someone’s colon, isn’t the life-force in this water already, and it will see inside of you, because if you had taken this water through your mouth and it had the life-force which it does, it would die in the mucus membrane or in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, but now you bypass that because some German invented colonics and some black person told us that because the Germans did it, it must be right…oh

** spelling unsure (spp)

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