Dr Sebi – Lamb and Hog No Good For You

No meat - Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
He’s not being truthful because when god put black folks in Africa everything that black folks needed was right there god did not put me in Africa and then he omit a component that I need to go to japan to get India, Europe, Arabia?

I don’t need any of them and because I felt that I needed them they led me please lead me I need a leader can’t you see I need a leader I’m dying I need you to lead me but the leader instead of being truthful and kind and understanding he tells me eat meat. Eat hog mouths, eat lamb.

You don’t love me or something wrong with you.

Look at the imposition, look at the abuse I stood by for years and listen to that and watch that even today.

Nothing I could do.

You think I feel good when I’d watch your brother eating a piece of lamb chop you think I don’t know the damage he’s doing and when I thought that when I stopped eating hog that I stopped eating the trichina worm.

That was very bad for me so I stopped eating the pork and i decided to eat the lamb and indeed the lamb I didn’t know it was a thousand times worse than pork.

It has the anthrax germ plus lanolin.

You see they get you going and to get you coming.

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