Dr Sebi – We Should Die Healthy

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
Difficult for us at this point to understand or even to think that AIDS could be cured and especially by a black man.

AIDS has not been cured by a black man, AIDS has not been killed by me, AIDS has been cured by god.

You see we have been playing with philosophy.

We have been playing with mathematics. If you ask anyone who has been to school they will tell you that mathematics is a complete science.

Everyone will say that it is a complete science.

If mathematics was a complete science everything built by it crumbles, what happen everything made by crumbles it has to because the creator of mathematics is only a product of life itself, so how could he come with some, a structure or something to add to life procession. Then we are saying that life needed mathematics to exist for life to perpetuate herself. No, life was there trillions and billions of years before mathematics came into existence. How did life support itselfu without mathematics? How did the African live in the jungles of Africa with lions and elephants and giraffes and a whole lot of snakes? How do they live without mathematics, and they live healthy. These questions need to be asked, we need to ask these questions if we are to travel into the 21st century, healthy, because if we begin to take inventory and measure from where we are at, where we are now compared with that for our forefathers, we are at a deficit, we are at a gross deficit in which when we reach to 70 we satisfied, no our ancestors lived hundreds of years and their people on this planet that I’ve visited throughout the world that lives over 140 years on the average not an individual out of 10 000. I am talking about the average.

I came back from New York once and I told someone that men in certain villages of South America fathered children in their hundreds and then the man said that he had the milkman helping him. He had to say that, of course he had to say that because from his perspective it was all over with, so therefore he assumed that everyone live in that world with him. No no no no each and every one of us in this room this evening we are different we see things different we’re not better how could I be better than any one of you here, didn’t we came from the same gene pool then we all came from the same gene pool? So we don’t want these mathematical words to interfere with this journey because if we use them we’re going to be at a deficit this evening, like for instance better or worse good and bad inferior or superior, no we have to throw that stuff out because in the forest it simply does not exist and life itself it does not exist, like for instance if we are to use the word good and bad superior and inferior then?

Would we say that the soil is inferior to the rain or water inferior to fire or superior are they all necessary? Aren’t they all needed? Would we say that our liver is less important than our heart or that our fingers are less important than the kidneys. We cant say that because everything that was given to us on our body by creator was for specific use we cannot kill all of the just a termite a termite itself if you kill a termite you’re interfering with the ozone level why because the termite produces methane that maintains the ozone level. A duck that flies from Canada to South America his droppings reseeds the planet, it seeds the planet, you see, the elephant his droppings begin to fertilize again replenishes the what the Serengeti Plain all of these things were made by creation created by creation for a specific purpose oh we could easily say that well there is no purpose for an ant, an ants an ant is very important just as important as you he was not made just to walk crawled around or a fish a snake we all have purpose so if everything has purpose how could we add mathematics within that particular structure, or philosophy, see, so now we’re gonna abandon philosophy and mathematics this evening just for a second to understand what it is that is really going on.

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