Dr Sebi – Starch Leads To – Clogged Intestine, Central Nerves System/Brain Problems, Drugs, Alcohol

Dr Sebi - Healing Modalies

Dr Sebi:
There’s nothing on the planet that contains starch that God made. If God had made a substance on the planet that contained starch God to say that he does not like his children because starch will kill you gradually. It will clog your intestines. It will play havoc on your brain and really do a number of your nervous system where when someone talk talk to you or tell you something the first thing you think is a lie but you have to believe is the lie that the little girl in New York when she said, do you really cure aids?

And I said, what do you think? I think you’re lying. I say you’re right. I want you to know that you’re 100 per cent right so I’ll see you later. So I left. I was happy because I understood why she said that I was lying. You understand now, the 400 years of starch and meat. I’m lucky she didn’t kill me. You know little boys killing their mamma now for five dollars to buy crack you know, so just behave our self and that little boy did not start by using crack yesterday, he was groomed for crack by upsetting his harmonious flow. Interfering with with his his energy and his nervous system so he was the prime candidate for starch, I mean for crack and cocaine, of course and alcohol. What you mean? When I drink alcohol you get a boost, you know, you get stimulated. But isn’t this what food is supposed to do to. Keep you boost and healthy where you don’t need no crack or no alcohol. All you need is some water and some good loving, and give some, and it makes things very easy, very, very easy, understanding.

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