Dr Sebi – Is Ginger Good For You? What About Hybrid Ginger?

Ginger root - Dr Sebi

Is ginger good for you?

Dr Sebi:
Yeah, it’s very good.

Very good. Ginger precipitate circulation.

I know where ginger grows in the forest. You’ll find it.


Is there a hybrid Ginger?

Wow, you see, you got me thinking because we in this village, if you come next year around March you’re gonna find the little natural tomatoes growing like wild, all around the place.

The little tomatoes and they tastes so good.

And the big ones they have stretched the molecular structure of the tomato, right, right.

Now with ginger, I think they did the same thing, because the ginger that I remember harvesting on my property in the mountains it was small small right, it wasn’t big, yeah.

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