Dr Sebi – There Was A Violation Why We Are Sick

sick man

Dr Sebi:
We’re gonna journey back to our mothers now. It is said through the history of medicine that medicine began in Egypt. It sure did. Well, if medicine began in Egypt, it said that there was a need for medicine in Egypt, and if there was a need for medicine in Egypt there was a violation.

The people in the forest of Africa need no medicine, they had no doctors. why? There was no violation.

The only reason that we become sick…the only reason that we become sick is when there is a violation, but, in the forest of Africa you could not violate because there were no rice, there were no beans, there were no carrots, they were no hogs, they were no cows, there was no wheat in Africa. The Africans did not eat those because those food that I just mentioned that are supposed to be food substances, they are laboratory product.

And the black man did not add to nature or add it in anyway, remove or add. So you see, what did we eat? What did the Africans eat in the forest of Africa that is so necessary to know today because our body is in need of it.

We are sick!

But the anthropologists that came to us, the archaeologists, the paleontologists, the historian they didn’t talk about what our parents ate. What did they talk about, I don’t know.

Whatever they talk about was of no consequence because now we are sicker than we ever been

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