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Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:

i am not the healer the healer is a woman

i’m only the messenger

you see in healing

it’s required to be a nurturer a male cannot be a nurturer it’s a female but what happened in the last 500 years they trick you woman they let you guys believe that we’re the boss

we’re the [ __ ] you get behind so my mother and i used to have this conversation but i was always sensible enough to see the truth how could i come out of a woman and be as powerful as her i mean that is crazy i came out of her

you got messed up

i said the way that things are now i blame your woman cause you allow men to lead you now that is against all natural arrangement you don’t see that out there in the natural light wow whenever you see a group of elephants they all are female there no male there

the lioness if the lion is the king of the jungle who trade this chum is mama

but because you guys have not taken your rightful place then i’m gonna be putting this message out there hoping that some of you would pick it up and say well just do it the woman that has come before in the past they did things to undermine the entity but that was okay the order said they weren’t the one but the one that’s going to carry this message into the future i know she haven’t arrived yet there is a sister by the name of chandra washington

she’s one of the best cooks that i’ve ever met and a beautiful sister

and choices cat she’s the only sister that right now beside my daughter salman that runs the village that is around me i don’t know if you all saw my little daughter taiwa yes she’s another one that told me that i’m a doctor i say no stuff

so i get these girl i got these two girls now that i hope would carry on the tradition but i want responsible grown-up people and this is why we put together the Bolingo

the Bolingo group the Bolingo group is a 200 million

project it’s a project that’s going to have seven healing centers in the united states you’re gonna have a develop research development in Africa and i’m going to turn this healing village over to Bolingo why because

i don’t think it is right

to charge money

to someone to heal them i don’t think that’s right it doesn’t feel good to me so my mama said okay we’ll go to dc and give a speech and tell them if everybody gave five dollars you have five million dollars you could build the healing village they said no the [ __ ] will keep the money

okay i came back i said hey mom they still have my team she said they’re right i said why are they right say because they have done that to people so many times yes see you know what you do i say what bit it and then you send it to them and that’s what i did so now boningo would take over the usher village you joining it with two hundred dollars immediately you’re only going to have to pay 700 to come here but when all the money is collected you wouldn’t have to pay a dime after that why because we would have a million members and each member would pay ten dollars every year that’s ten dollars a year that’s a ten million dollars every year well the business takes about three a year to run it and you have seven million left over but then what it does is give you the privilege to come and you don’t have to pay anything i think that’s beautiful because it doesn’t feel right to make money off someone’s disease typically sunlight but now we’re creating a family you know where we ate i’m a member of the usher village but i can go ahead and spend the time that is allotted to me you know and we could expand we have we have seven million left every year you could buy more land and build more huts and do more things right and really get healthy because you’re not gonna win anything in life so don’t worry about winning that’s out the best you could do

that you’ll receive a moment of peace so you want that you want that space and to get there you have to heal healing is not something you’re going to do overnight no but you all have taken the first step right yes and that’s very good because from now onward you will be aware of the glucose poisoning and the poisoning of

glucose sugar gluten they do it to us i’m not to mention Africa and the Caribbean everybody in the Caribbean is sick don’t go to Barbados one out of every seven is an amputee

that’s bad so we creating a family now where we could really relax and play and enjoy each other’s i love each other in fact bolingo means love so as you come to usha you you get in these compounds that are fresh it looks simple those little glasses but over the days you begin to see changes subtle changes yes and see wow you know i don’t feel this anymore because everything is organic everything is electrical and it’s liquid the villis and the intestine would be able to absorb them really fast and the best thing to do is not to eat shouldn’t eat but that’s okay be strong enough to combat that so when they give you these these glasses well hi there beautiful lady

that’s okay so when you drink these things what you’re getting is what phosphates carbonates iodide and bromide iodide and bromides appear to your endocrine system that is the system that’s going to balance your body and your life the pituitary gland thyroid parathyroid your ovaries … and the pancreas makes up the endocrine system but that system depends a lot on iodine from the ocean

depends a lot on it

the prospects and the carbonates that is for your nerve and tissue you plant those in the cells as perilla in the guacao and the contributor that we made the compound with is a new one that we’re using that i was really amazed to see the work of this herb they call it little black string cordon negro but let me say that before i forget

bear the guy that plays music

no he plays piano


a very pretty too so years later i might call me Dr Sebi, Ahmad, Jamal you know who am i I’ll say i know who you are i was in Chicago when you were playing the person on sit the turtle cottage you say yeah i like your music

you say look i said before we continue could i find ponciana coinciana i say

the same happen to be

nicole carley from ontario

Dr Sebi you messed up i said why because

that green food that you made is the most powerful remedy in your


wait then this woman called me from Arizona. Dr Sebi you know they give you credit for a lot of things but i think you’re crazy

i think you should start making all your products and only make one the green food

then knowing me in the office tells me Dr Sebi you know the patients when they come they ask for the green food that’s you know i’m sick and tired of this [ __ ]

i started taking the green food religiously today is my third day and i could tell you guys some stories that would sound like they’re not true

you see even though i made it i put it together but i forgot it it’s good so when you get back to wherever you’re going tell them that you want the green food why the green food because it appears to every part of you i mean it does wonders it makes you feel so good with your nerve and your bowels you’ve been taking it

what difference do you feel more energy energy yeah the same i said but with me it was one more my balance my balance is back you see i was anemic and i didn’t know it

why was the limit because i

i neglected myself for two years i was 81. you don’t do that I’m 81 I’m lucky maybe you know only five percent reaching the age of 80 well if I’m lucky to get to 81 then i should take care of my body but what happened my ex-wife and my manager stole my business and it went south and i had to rebuild again in 204 214 and in doing that i forgot about cindy but I’ve been taking that green food man i felt so good fellas please

the green food is good i drove a car

from l.a to Honduras five days non-stop and i was taking an equivalent of the green food on the way and when i got here i had more energy than when i left

energy it was beautiful so the goal is what internal peace yes that’s the goal but to reach the goal we have to eat right you’re not going to escape it re-run from what’s happening right that’s right rerun yeah Fred Berry Fred was so happy with me he slid down got lots of diabetes and high blood pressure and one night Fred is passing in front of

soul food restaurant on those baby back ribs

a cold slaw on those biscuits come on man one more time that lord come on back and he turned back and went in there and the brother that was living with him tell me the story he told me the story friend died eating that stuff that’s how he died and he was a beautiful guy you know why they call him rerun right he admired the same woman twice

maybe she had something there again there again your diet comes into play yes in 1961 I’m gonna blow my brains out and an arrow named misselli suleiman from Algeria I’m an engineer then

and we had a talk in the mess hall in the dining room

man I’m fed up I’m angry

i took the gun that i bought in Naples Italy on a joint i see where I’m gonna smoke my dad’s right and I’m gonna blow my brains out there’s an old mattress in the top deck I’ll put the gun under the mattress and we’re coming out of the red sea where you come out of the red sea as you turn right you’re going towards the Indian ocean towards India but if you turn left you’re going towards Persia but at that turn i said i’m gonna blow my brains out

I’m smoking the weed that i will get into my eye and then blow then get the gun go outside the railing of the ship hold on blow my brains out and fall in the water nobody will know and I’m contemplating this

man when i look up Michelle is surely made in front of my face guess what you’re gonna do

I’ve been looking for you I’ll see you looking for me what you looking for me for you say man the stuff that you said in the dining room you saved my life

i look so stupid

i said what he said you saved my life man when Michelle did that

man all the friends gave away now having the devil i saved me silly life i know i want to take my own i i was afraid to pick the gun up with my hand to trade over the side i raised the mattress up and i kicked the gun off

this is why you never know when a message is coming to you that you really need you don’t know but just you prepare for it never get angry at anything that is directed to you anything that is directed to you be directed to you for a reason understand don’t worry me why you is happening i work with a Mexican his name is Pablo

problem my tool is that accept what you are given and it’s true it makes life easy it’s beautiful it’s a nice thing to live i could talk about that now because i was about to commit suicide my life was in a state of disarray and it was all due to my diet everything was ugly and everybody in it was okay so as you all come here to begin your journey of healing yes remember this don’t put anything in your mouth that doesn’t belong and every time you do that you watch that negative reaction you will get it you don’t do it I’m glad this you’re here i feel good welcome you this place was designed for you not for me for you this is why i keep the price down i don’t want the price to go up the cheapest one is five thousand dollars a week i charge one because i want people to eat and eventually i’m not gonna charge anything are you going to be one family right yes and that thing that really makes us feel good going to come out there was a woman in l.a

in the 60s we were revolutionary oh yeah we thought we were kicking butt and the woman opened the door and said you guys are insane insane why because love is not in the equation everybody said love

do you know it took me 25 years to assimilate what Mr Lily Watkins said i asked her son bob i said bob you remember that night when your mother came and said that we were crazy and she said that love was none of the equations i said how long it took you to assimilate that you stay about 25 years it did the same for me that love is so beautiful it’s for you and then your recipient gonna feel you but when you carry anger you’re gonna feel that too yeah you’re going to feel it so we give you the herbs hair they’re going to begin the journey of cleansing the cleansing process oh yeah an intra cellular cleansing each of the glass is designed to do a certain work a certain job they all are well balanced they all are beautiful yeah any questions first one

hi thank you for being here blessing us yes

unfortunately 20 years ago i was diagnosed I’m going to say i have has learned i was diagnosed with an ailment

sick that affects one in a million people i researched its German Irish Jewish i mean a black woman here they treat the court they treat the things that the illness caused but they won’t treat the illness and i had such a hard time getting here i had to pay for a companion then i get here I’m like oh i need more time and I’m just you know very excited to be here and i learned that i could go home but i wanted to i could go home and apply it all then naturally you put all these butts in so i want to know what to do because they’re not dealing with the main thing which created over diabetes

would you say that we have to go to the central nerve system yes i think so yes yes thank you there was a gentleman next to me oh he takes something for his nerves i would like to talk to you and find it better okay thank you

i was just asking i would hope that you don’t give me your personal reason why you’re here but what you just heard

you know about the philosophy of bhusha i want you all to know it that it is about cleansing and rebuilding cells a story is about cleansing and rebuilding cells well you’re not going to miss you’re going to feel it you’re going to see it but you need to stay with it and one day you’re going to see things change that so certainly yes

um i got to say we have been waiting a long time to meet you and thank you again for having us and creating this oasis as i call it um but I’m pregnant and a lot of things are not they’re not sure of of what i can do and what i can take um i was told that i couldn’t have any of the thermal water and i was told i clinic I’d only have one cup of the thermal water per day and i could only go in the sauna for about five to ten minutes and again with the pools i wanted to just confirm with you that that was what I’m supposed to be doing

she’s pregnant and they said the nurses told her she can only have one glass of thermal water a day um and the sauna for five to ten minutes a day shauna i agree but not the water she should increase the water increase the water who told her that um in the office what was it needed

that was not the right recommendation the more water she drink the better it is okay

can you go in the can she go in the pool if she wants to okay oh yeah and about marijuana yeah

can she smoke weed

I’ve been smoking since I’ve been 14. i made it three wow I’ve been smoking for 69 years wow

yeah you can sure you can

mhm i was in Ecuador snorted a place named bolivar

beautiful people and i learned about the use of marijuana 40 different diseases marijuana would respond to you should take a cup of tea and really since i was 12. you said a cup of tea i think what they did in new york and from new york i think what they give in new york is that marijuana no no no say here are they giving you the tea at night they’re not yet only if i ask you they should give you the teeth the tea is one of the best remedies in the world but again this economical structure made you feel as if though god made a mistake

when he made marijuana god is a drug pusher

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