Dr Sebi – AIDS Is Not The Dis-ease


So we find that instead of us understanding we criticize, black people…. institute has been criticized, but our parents does not allow us to criticize them. It is time to look at them and worship them, follow them.

I stand in front of you today about to give you a lecture on how to cure aids and why aids exists.

Well, that’s good and fine but when I leave from here what next? You know like you take a book and you read it you put it back in the shelf, it has no more use, you read the book. cos you know what you’re going to do you learned something, what did we learn? What are we going to learn this evening, because this evening is about the family, not about how to cure AIDS, you know why? It takes a second like I said to you, I came to you with something that you already know but you forgot.

It’s about the family that is so divided, the disease we talk of AIDS, AIDS is not the disease, it is that rice and that sugar, the salt, that meat, that cows milk, that carrot, the carrot that you guys jumped… I gave a lecture at WLIB about carrots, and everybody said that I was crazy.

But it is fine, it is good, because the herbs have helped me to understand to be somewhat patient, the herb teaches that you see, the herb shows me that when people go to sleep some wakes up a little bit earlier than the others that’s natural.

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