The Model of Life (She Was The Model) – Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi:
Well, according to them everything is incurable. So my question is where where do these diseases come from? Because every five years, three years, two years there’s some new disease, with no cure, and then you get this medication, and oh they found a cure and then here comes another disease. Well we need a model, we need a model to compare our situation against the model, to know how diseased we are. We need a model. What is the model, because look, we’re saying that we are diseased, right, and we are. To what extent? How far away from that line that was designed by God or nature are we?

Well we could just begin with that naked woman in the forest. Okay, because, she is the model, okay. She is the model. Right. But the model has been tainted, right, with philosophy. When we look at her, which she’s our mother, we see a naked woman, but she was naked. She was told that, right, she was natural. She was so natural right that she didn’t have a supermarket, and she didn’t have a hospital, right, she didn’t have any medicines, right.

My brother mentioned Imhotep one, well we didn’t need Imhotep, right. Imhotep came out of necessity, wow, wow, you understand. But in the forest where this woman without no clothes lived, right, we didn’t have any Imhoteps, right, or no Sebis, right. We didn’t have any hospitals we didn’t have any alcohol with she didn’t have any drugs and she didn’t have any money ,right, but how did she live? You see, right… that’s the model. Now, for us to get back to this place where we lived once, without disease right we have to know this other part of it which is the most interesting um and we didn’t focus on it.

You see, we are scholars, right, we didn’t look to enhance our health, right. We didn’t know how, so we produce scholars. Oh we have a bunch of scholars but they don’t know what to put in their mouth.

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