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Dr Sebi - documentary

Dr Sebi:
It is said that I should honor my mother and my father am I right?

Yes you are.

Dr Sebi:
Okay, well my mother in the jungles of Africa didn’t have alcohol, she didn’t have prostitution, she didn’t have any drugs, my mother didn’t have hospitals, my mama didn’t have any drug store, neither did she have any medicine, neither did she eat anything that God did not make. That’s right. Mama only ate that which was Alkali. So my understanding of life is generated through that black woman in the jungles of Africa and I could never lose because I am told that I should honor my mother and my father. So, if you bring me something that is other than the jungle then you are offending me and you are totally unaware of that. But when you attach me or you link me to the Jungle then you link me to an Alkali world – that is the answer to nutrition and disease. Alkalinity. Well now mama, mamma doesn’t know what to select because Mama talk about enzymes and protein and these things have nothing to do with human life, nothing whatsoever, but this is Mama today, because Mama also has been altered like me I’m not saying that I have not been because I’m wearing clothes and this is a violation my body is not breathing. I’m breathing through my nose only but my cells are not. So you see, I am being violated and I’m satisfied because this is the dictate of the day.

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