Dr Sebi on Vitiligo


Hi everyone this is Julie thank you for stopping by for another video today. In this video the feature is on vitiligo. Dr Sebi is asked a question on vitiligo and he addresses it, which you will hear shortly. Now vitiligo is a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It results from what they call lack of melanin, which Dr Sebi tells you is a lack of carbon and vitiligo can affect any area of the skin but it is most commonly seen or rather more commonly occurs on the face, the neck and the hands, and also in the skin creases. So let’s see what Dr Sebi had to say about vitiligo.

Dr Sebi:
Vitiligo, she asked about vitiligo.

You know I have not been as successful in the past as I would have liked to be with vitiligo, but in the last six years. I think I have found the answer. It is the lack of iron. It is CARBON being lost because of the iron that supports it.

So the important takeaway from this is Dr Sebi once again stresses the importance of iron. He said that carbon is being lost as a result of lack of iron.

Which ever health condition one is dealing with it is important to always begin by first cleansing the body and then of course feeding the body the nutrient that is lacking as Dr Sebi has taught.

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