Dr Sebi on Blood Clot

blood clot

Hi guys, this is Julie, thank you for stopping by for another video today. In this video I will be playing an excerpt of Dr Sebi addressing blood clot.

Now blood clotting is a necessary process that can prevent us from losing too much blood, in certain circumstances, for example, if one was to have an accident or an injury that results in cut and bleeding. However, when a clot forms inside one of our veins it won’t always dissolve on its own and this can be life-threatening. So let’s hear what Dr Sebi had to say about blood clots.

Dr Sebi:
Blood clots, we have to dissolve blood clots, potassium phosphate. We have the Lily of the Valley, that breaks up even hard tumors, corns, breaks up blood clots. We have a composition known as the Tonic Electra. We have a mini package that would break it up – not only break it up, but to thin the blood and purify the blood.

So as Dr Sebi noted the Lily of the Valley is very good for breaking up blood clot and dissolve in blood clot, and not only is it good for blood clot. It is also good to break up fibroids and other tumors or masses that may form in the body. Dr Sebi also indicated the use of the Tonic Electra which was one of the earlier iron formulas that was used by Dr Sebi so one could also look at adding iron formulas to the regiment in order to address this so if you have any question about this or any other video please let me know down below don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.


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  1. Greeting do you’ll anything about Hemiplegic migraine headaches because my wife is suffering from it in the hospital

    1. Hi Bashir,
      You may use scullcap (2 parts), mistletoe (1 part), hops (1 part) make tea or capsules. Also, a period of green juice only or fruits.

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