Dr Sebi – Be Obedient To The Laws Of Life

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

I am obedient and that’s all I have to be. Obedient to the laws of life, the arrangement of life.

The elephant does not live by a philosophy nor does a giraffe, he just obey what his mammy and pappy ate through generations of existence. So it comes in now, honor thy mother and thy father that thy days may be long upon the land.

And that is what Dr Sebi did.

He went to the mother country, selected plants and wallah AIDS have been cured, Ebola is being cured, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, oh sickle cell anemia, the disease that beset every black person on the planet today is sickle cell. Why?

Well, you know, every plant lives by the dictates of the DNA that represents that plant, like if I go to Burdock, I am looking for iron but if I go to the Lily of the Valley I am looking for something else, calcium and iron combined, but if I want CALCIUM in its purest form I go to Sea Moss. If I want phosphorus I go to the Sentinella** plant and so it goes with plants and so it goes with birds, animals and man.

My food is not what I’ve been given. The cure has to be organic – phosphates, carbonates, iodides and bromides. This would ensure equilibrium in the body , they will begin to cleanse and revitalise. Stress would be diminished and a new direction would be presented to you.

** Could be referring to Orchid (Masdevallia sentinella)

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