Dr Sebi – What Is Malaria?


Dr Sebi is asked about malaria. What is malaria? He noted that it is caused from a deficiency.

Dr Sebi:
Yes. While we’re still on the topic of our motherland uh Africa, let’s also discuss malaria what is your views on that? Well, again, it’s a deficiency of phenolic acid they call it. acidic in the liver it does not protect you meaning that you your immune system is what.

Shut down.

Dr Sebi:
That’s right, that’s the only way, that’s right. There’s a man who’s a medical student, but he could understand, and you could too and all of us say that. There’s nobody in here that’s crazy or less intelligent. We understand when something is consistent, we understand it. So when you have any disease that doesn’t only go for malaria, what about for TB, what about for pneumonia, what about for asthma. Your immune system has been lowered. If your immune system was up to par you would not have any disease manifesting.

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