Dr Sebi – How To Heal The Eyes – The Pancreas Is Key

eye cataract

Dr Sebi:
Cataract, cataract, now there is a man in Los Angeles by the name of Mr Frederick that was blind for 11 years. He was my first patient the man was seeing in two days and there’s Miss Margaret that had the retina detached and bleeding in the eye chamber, she’s seeing perfectly well and Mr Frederick is seeing, so we could help you.

Deteriorating vision, my wife just cured a blind man, that was blind for about 10 years, what herbs? There’s no such thing as a herb for the eyes.

What is it that what’s the therapy? What are the foods?

Dr Sebi:
It’s a therapy, that’s right. We have to plant the colon, the pancreas especially, because the pancreas holds the secret to eyes. The eye does not repair itself, it’s the pancreas. Many people are mistaken, they never associate the pancreas with eyes but that’s okay. I cured blind people in cataract and glaucoma, detach retina and all that.

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