Dr Sebi – Amino Acids & Minerals

Amino acid and minerals

Since the body needs minerals to sustain itself does one have to worry about amino acids?

Dr Sebi:
In fact just listen carefully, amino acids, the body that has no use for acids. The body is an Alkali body, it should be on the Alkali side, although we are always most of us are six or six point nine slightly on seven most of some of us. Acidity has no place in our biology, so when the person asked if our body needs minerals, yes. Our body need minerals, but the minerals that we have to use has to be pre-digested by a plant. You cannot go and buy a mineral and drink it. Meaning an oxide. Example, let me explain the difference with an oxide and a phosphate. Iron is found in two forms and that applies to every other mineral and they are 102. So we’re going to use iron as one, so the child is anemic, he needs iron or leukemia like the little girl in Honduras named Alcida (sp.) she was brought to us in coma. She needed iron but we cannot give her a piece of iron, steel we’re gonna give her iron. That is oxide, why? That is known as ferrous sulfate, the body cannot assimilate that, but if you get a plant or plants, I make a compound that expresses iron, you find that the plants through the process of iontophoresis, they have converted the iron from the soil into a liquid digestible substance this I learned from Shooks.

Edward Shooks, plants has to assimilate they have to digest they have to do the conversion then when you take it it is easy for you it’s electrical that is the difference with an oxide and a phosphate one is alive and the other is dead so yes in taking the mineral we have to make sure that the mineral that you are taking is one that is alive phosphate instead of an oxide

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