Dr Sebi on Oxygen, Iron & Viento

oxygen is needed - Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
The woman asked again, “what is in it?” You know when you see a bull fighter fighting in the ring. Have you ever seen a bull fighter fighting a cow? No, they would never a cow in the with with a bull fighter because she would kill him. Because the bull closes his eyes before he gets to the torero so he gets a chance to step out of the way, but you put a cow in there with him and her eyes are wide open anyway you turn.

She asks what’s in this. This package has, is a compound of two substance, only two and how I thought about this was with the aid of my wife. She said you always say that oxygen is a cell food, I said ‘yes, oxygen is the real food. You could eat the best food in the world and all over your nose in your mouth for two minutes what happen, you’re dead.

Telling us that the cells need what? Oxygen! The more of it you get the more live you are, okay. And the next one which is the substance that electrifies the system and removes inflammation, Iron Fluorine.

So- I went Africa I got the Cancansa, I went to Honduras I got the Guaco. I went to Mexico I’ve got the Lily of the Valley which is nothing but iron. And I got all these iron herbs and I put them together along with the herb that has what, oxygen. And if you believe that herbs does not trap oxygen, well you got another guess coming. when I come back to New York I’m going to bring the herb and I’ll put it in a glass of water and as the herb goes down you will see ‘bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh’, oxygen coming from the herb. There is another herb that has oxygen, the Marula it has so much oxygen that it owns the water. So when you combine these herbs, oxygen and iron you come up with the Viento and when you take it the first thing you’re gonna feel is that you’re gonna sleep like a baby, you’re gonna have you know have energy. The Venezuela man came to throw away the trash on the house about two months ago and I gave him some. I said take this with you young man. He came back next day, he said my wife love you.

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