Dr Sebi – Herbs Used to Cure AIDS

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Dr Sebi:

Sarsaparilla is an herb that has the highest concentrate of iron, fluorine iron

Guaco, that is a plan that has – I thought I had a stick with me because I’m always chewing on it. This is guaco. Guaco is a plant that would definitely threaten the immune system, because it is iron again, but it has potassium iodide, no POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, not iodide, iodide come from the ocean.

Cancansa, that’s an African plant. Cancansa is an African plant, this plan has one of the highest concentrate of what, potassium phosphate. Those are just few of the plants, we use about 40 some odd plant to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system and electrify the system. Because you want to electrify the body. That’s how simple we cure AIDS. We cure AIDS, we don’t treat AIDS.


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