Diet Transition Struggles

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
Yes sir.

Okay I’m taking the uh herbs from Figtree.

Dr Sebi:

But I’m having a difficult time weaning myself off of these other foods.

Dr Sebi:
Well that’s that’s what we just explained. This is why sister Chander’s here this evening to show you the new food and I forgot to mention that. Sister Chandra is here to demonstrate a new cuisine a cuisine that would gradually remove you from the one that was pushed on you pushed on us and became so habitual. I know. I have the same problem. When I go to Honduras and my aunt cook fried fish .Oh I like to go around and just smell it because I remember the evening when I used to eat fried fish, fresh fried fish from the ocean but now all I could do is smell it and my aunt would say but aren’t you going to eat some. No I’m not gonna eat that stuff. I love me too much believe me i don’t want to suffer no pain. so I do not eat it. But I have 26 years of trial and error or weaning and still have no weaned all but wean enough to keep me healthy without any disease now. So what we will do we’re opening a center here in in Chicago and monthly we would have you know like gatherings or weekly gatherings showing how to prepare the new food taste it because the taste is what you’re looking for because if i remove you from the food that your mama used to cook for you well you’re not gonna smell those spices and taste that taste and you’re gonna soon throw this other stuff away even though it is good and it’s not your fault. So what we have done is to take the least of the harmful things or the not harmful and prepare them in such a way that they would have the taste and sometimes even better they would encourage you to make that transition. Sure I understand what you’re saying and you’re right that’s why Chandra is here today.

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