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oxygen is needed - Dr Sebi

How do I begin to start healing myself naturally?

Dr Sebi:

Well for one you abstain, you begin by abstaining from the foods or group food that you’ve been ingesting, allowing the body to release all of what it has accumulated over the years. Such as someone that eat…I know someone that eat pork all their life.

Low I just saw him recently, Gustavo and he is fat, so he had to fast.

So he is fasting and taking the compounds. You begin, the cells regenerate. The cells heal themselves by allowing oxygen. You see what you do is to fast to allow oxygen to to enter those various organs to reach them via your arteries with the blood. The nasal passage has to be cleared because oxygen is the real food, it’s the fuel of the body, deprived of that for two minutes you will not live to tell the story.

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