Dr Sebi – God Did Not Make These – Why Do We Eat Them As Food!

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
You know a hog, that you eat. Why’d you eat a hog, because God made it? God did not make a hog. If everything that God made is good, everything that God made is good.

God did not make a hog. God did not make a mule. God did not make a horse. God did not make rice or beans. They tell you in their history, Gregor Mendel, Gregor Mendel, the Jesuit priest in England made all of your beans just put that up there, beans. Beans, why not beans, there is starch there.

All of these things have starch that’s the one thing that they have in common anything that man made must necessarily have starch. Starch is the binder starch is carbonic acidDr Sebi – Gluton (Starch), Sulphide In Food & Some Food To Eat but yet we eat it as food.

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