Dr Sebi – Charges Made Against Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi's New York court case

Dr Sebi:
The boss said you know, I’m gonna give you a letter that if you failed in your journey of healing you could come back within five years of your same seniority that white man Brett Howell a German.

I said thank you he said because I see that you have delivered yourself I said well Brett Howell. It’s either way lose or draw I don’t care I’m going seven years later he is looking at television and he saw me being arrested, practicing medicine without a license, selling product and approved by the FDA and claiming to cure AIDS and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim now how did he knew how did he know that I was making a fraudulent claim.

I want to leave my little small country of Honduras to come to the united states to put lies in the newspaper and my mother is alive and then my face is in front of the public and then I represent Africa. I am an African I am not an Afro American I’m not a hybrid I am an African born in America.

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