Dr Sebi – The Essential Message & Wisdom Of Health – FULL (Part 1 of 3)

Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:


a bunch of folks well good afternoon

Thanks for coming, thank you so very very much, I appreciate you coming to uh participate in this message that is ours not mine but ours so this evening between you and I we are going to process the information that we need to process today because it is evident that something must have gone wrong.

we find ourselves sick

why should we be sick so tonight we hope that

i would be to you

as you have been to me this evening you came you came to listen and you don’t want to come to a place where somebody’s going to talk a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense because

i’m the boy that didn’t go to school see and when you are an individual that didn’t go to school you don’t like to listen to too much of anything if it doesn’t make sense that’s automatic school children’s well they could listen to philosophy all day long and they enjoy it

not for someone like me i didn’t go to school in fact i don’t know how i made it

but when i came to America you made me you you made me i came to New Orleans we’re going to fast forward it in 1954 a merchant seaman i love New Orleans i love Louisiana i love the people

i couldn’t speak English quite well but i was okay you all teach me you all taught me everything i know i used to harden up with the musicians like Harry Nance

yeah brother, John Coltrane oh yeah a new train

so i became a merchant seaman and then i got tired of that there was always something on the horizon that i was going after there was always something on the horizon nor had a boy that didn’t go to school and he gonna think about doing something now what could he bargain for the boy didn’t go to school and it said that you need to go to school to be able to participate on the level that would complement people on it on any subject you need to go to school well i didn’t and i didn’t because my grandfather did that my grandfather told my grandmother don’t send him to school and i was the happiest boy in town i was always by the river i like to play then i like to play now i’m never serious

there’s nothing i need to be serious about i had a brother was serious though he was a preacher for 30 years he died 25 years ago but he was serious

always serious i need to get angry at me because

i smoked marijuana well i did and it wasn’t because i wanted to but i loved the stuff you see i was born with asthma and my grandmother told somebody told my grandmother that if they gave me marijuana that would ease the wheezing and it did so i smoked marijuana then I’m 81 years old now but still smoke marijuana

but it helped me

so this evening it’s not about me it’s about us yes the boy that didn’t go to school left Louisiana in 1964 and he’s to meet a man

that did something to his life that nobody on this planet has ever done for anyone then and now his name Alfredo Cortes, a Mexican

you see i had asthma and i had diabetes i was impotent i was obese i was angry very very angry

they put me up in the ship in Russia the doctor didn’t heal me they picked me up for the ship in England nobody healed me they put me up in north Africa uh Casablanca and one day

a brother from new orleans Ronald Evans called me here in Los Angeles and said hey i met a Mexican that healed everything i said you’re crazy a wet pack

you see yeah you better think again i went to Mexico and i met the man the man looked at me and asked where are you from i sent us see other born and said to America Honduras

where you from i say I’m from Honduras he said man i can’t help you

i said why because black people doesn’t come from Honduras that’s Maya there’s pyre that’s lenka where you from i say oh I’m from Africa he said now we could

talk now we could talk as an applicant

you have a beginning

not as a negro not as an Afro-American you have no beginning but slavery but as an African your beginning is before slavery so now young man what is the food of the African i said rice beans chicken yam he said hey

stop it stop it that’s not African that’s European

a chicken was made in Europe in Holland carrots were made in Holland rice was made in Holland

but did we know that no we didn’t know that i didn’t know it so i like my rice my beans my chicken my ham ham hocks i live in Louisiana

my collard greens and ham hocks

navy beans even black eyed peas i didn’t eat the chili because it was a little bit too strong for me

but i like the southern food my cornbread yeah my pot luck of course but then i’m 30 i can’t make love to a woman because my penis was just getting hard my diabetes is up to 3 400. I’m angry and a Mexican gonna come and ask me and tell me things that our anthropologists today have not really conveyed that message to us our historians today doesn’t know about these things how did that Mexican know about it

yeah the Mexican the one that you and i leads respect to offer something that could be valuable yes a Mexican yeah Mexican did you know that a Mexican are the only people on earth that it’s a natural food as a staple nobody else nobody in Africa nobody in Arabia nobody in Europe are Mexican

but you’re not going to give a Mexican any credit because he’s a wet bat he knows that thing you’re going to give it to a guru to a shaman to a rabbi not a Mexican but a Mexican

is so grounded

that he took your brother Sebi and heal him and now that Mexican prepared me for you you see you see the connection support the Mexican was prejudiced

it wouldn’t have happened right no it’s about love that’s what we come into the subject today is about love and when i talk about love I’m not talking about love on that superficial level that we all resonate with no it goes deep deep deep deep deep in fact

i don’t know if i really know about it as much as i should i don’t know but there was a woman in this city and in my life

in fact my life is surrounded by what woman did to me that’s right they prepared me you the woman so one night we are in Mrs Watkins house her name is miss lily Watkins her son is an audience name is Mel

we are talking revolutionary things

politics and revolution Miss Watkins opened the door and said you guys are crazy

you guys haven’t added love to the equation love and she slap the door

it took us 30 years to assimilate that love love for yourself because you were number one there’s nobody better than you and if they are who is that person and how could that person be better than you when you have under the same one thumb print your thumbprint is not like anybody’s else so i grew up with that kind of giving in my house the boy is listening to things that i’m not hearing today first of all when i was seven i was prepared by my mother my grandmother i said hey grandmother i want a birthday present

she said no stuff who came out of who you came out your mother or your mother came out of you i see i came out my mother she said well i think you better buy the present for her you got no present

so i walk it away she called me back she said come on back here Fred

you need no duck i want a duck that you why not to put in the water you don’t need a duck you don’t need anything and if the day comes but you don’t have any money to buy any clothes you walk around the way god made you without no clothes you need no one you need nothing i said wow why do i have to hear this but that must have registered in my brain because the boy didn’t go to school but i grew up i grew up and people would ask my grandmother what is he going to do what’s he going to do what’s he going to do Fred what you you’re gonna do Fred what you’re gonna do and I’m sick of hearing this what you’re gonna do nobody have control as to what’s gonna happen to you nobody have that control own the life only god almighty so the boy came to New Orleans and came to l.a got killed by the Mexicans got a job with the comedy Mel again

Mel and i have been friends since 1964. man knew me he’s an audience he knew me when i didn’t know anything then and i know very little now but he knew me when i didn’t know anything about healing and rib and i always talk about it and some of the things that we share is that kind of funny he said that you were able to show the supreme court of New York the uk aids sickle cell and blindness and how come no one has ever done anything about it he said it’s kind of funny that time is what decide not you and that’s the truth Mel is my friend before i became a messenger of healing because i am not the healer yes i have pure aids and sickle cell and blindness but not the healer the healer is a woman because she’s a nurturer and healing requires that but i come with a message for you all right i said it in 1962 in Louisiana on clayborn avenue in a barber shop so i’m working for the county as an engineer and they are amazed because they saw on my resume that i’ve never been to school but i passed the test okay i said to one of my co-workers i said Gregory I’m gonna quit this job he said man you out of your mind

you out of your mind this is the best job you ever had making all this money you’re going to quit it for what i’m going to heal every disease in the world he said you’re crazy i said maybe so but that’s what I’m seeing

because the Mexican and healed me so the Mexican is showing me that healing is possible and boy i started getting these herbs reading about them and i will go to work i live in canton i play a little house in 143rd street and i met many people i used to go by mr lagon bookstore you know on Santa Barbara it was then Santa Barbara and bud long i used to hobnob with ron karinga a hobnob with Stoughton Carmichael i have not been a whole bunch of folks but i was not interested in revolution i wasn’t interested in politics and i wasn’t interested in spirituality

what do you mean spirituality well no and we’re going to get to that i was interested in deserves and i begin to compound them while i’m working and i begin to learn about these herbs and what i learned was this and today as I’m speaking to you do you know that what I’m about to say is still practice you know what i found out

tell me if i’m not telling the truth that people use aloe vera for healing am i right and they use country and they use peppermint and they use golden seal and they use ginseng do you know that these plants are made in laboratories

and i didn’t know that how am i to find that out a freak in nature because of an engineer i am required to touch the waters and the boilers every hour so the ph the ph of the water has to be 6.9 slightly on the acid side because if the one is 7 or 7.1 that’s life that’s alkalinity oh yeah we’re gonna get to that too so while working as an engineer i could tell what is acid just put acid in the left and put alkali on the right because it boils down to that

it boils down to acidity alkalinity alkalinity is what god made what nature made alkalinity is electrical it’s alive all the plants that are alkali are alive like what you thought about dr savey well a bulldog plant you could take it on the ground and it’s alive even when they go back and it runs not so for aloe vera it’s dead and it’s acid

i learned that because i had the privilege to take the ph value of the substance so i begin to select from the forest the herbs that have a ph more than seven less than seven is acid

and i begin to put this stuff together and guess who was my first patient it frightened the hell out of me i’m washing dishes see it was a it was a morning a monday morning and washing dishes and i had my little girl usha on the counter and a man came in front of my kitchen window ah young man i said yes sir i heard that you’ve been experimenting with herbs he said yes well i’m blind i’m blind for 10 11 years

could you help me i shall try

if you make me see i gave you a million dollars

i gave the man the substance when am i gonna see i say about Friday now why did i select Friday until this day i don’t know

but i was so sure of myself but how could a boy that didn’t go to school be so sure of himself so the man went home with the medicine and the Wednesday good morning young man

i raised my right hand you said you raised your right hand i winked my left eye you said you went to the left right i said the man is seeing at that point of my journey

i couldn’t explain that

i know it’s a bunch of herbs that cleansed the man body but they were all alkali plants and this way now comes into picture something that is most important remember what i did i selected alkali plants right not the acid ones but why would someone make acid plants

this is where the other part of the story gets good and it began with a naked black woman in the jungles of Africa

this naked black woman was always in my eyes i could never get her out of my eyes when everybody was talking about Socrates and Plato i was looking at this naked black woman

and everybody went to Egypt well I’m looking at this naked black woman again but i can’t put her into any perspective and one day it came it was early in the morning i just came out of asleep i dreamt that i would listen to John Coltrane play music but it was the television that i had on channel 850 that was influencing my brain with the music of John Coltrane that does occur even with radio when you put it on and leave it on your dream but you’re looking at the artist so in the dream the woman appear again from behind this tree still couldn’t understand how am i going to put this woman in a perspective so but i was coming to Los Angeles that morning and i had to go to the airport and the governor of the city of the state is at the airport telling folks how i had cured the little girl of leukemia neymar cedar but there are two missionaries they are Caucasian they came to me and said we heard about your miracle cures i said i don’t know what a miracle is

what do you mean the governor said you killed leukemia i said that’s not a

miracle why not a miracle i say I’m a black man nothing is a miracle

because we reduce everything to the least common denominator what do you mean miracle to you it is not to me

you say have you been saved saved from what i mean he said have i been saved now why would he ask me that question

he said from your sins of course i said oh god

i say you know man i looked at you guys and i saw two very intelligent pers people standing there but now i gotta question that he said why because the color of my skin should have prevent you from asking me and telling me that I’m sinful

and what does your color of your skin have to do with it ah say young man the color of my skin had to do with everything

he said how i said well I’m the son of a naked woman in the jungles of Africa she didn’t have any alcohol she didn’t have any prostitution she didn’t have any supermarkets she didn’t have any hospitals she didn’t have any doctors she didn’t have any medicine she didn’t have any disease the woman didn’t have any church she didn’t have any religion because she wasn’t sinful my mama didn’t even have money and you called me sinful and i am her son come on behave yourself

behave yourself i am the son of a sinless woman and i become sinful fine when when did i become sinful you see living in that state of sinfulness you reduce yourself no you don’t do that you’re not sinful you’re never sinful and if you were god will play the game on us god doesn’t make sinful people

so what occurs what occurs well we’re going to soon see the black woman in the jungle didn’t eat rice beans chicken hogs goats lamb but what did she ate

and why is that important it is because she won’t come out without no clothes between her brothers and nobody was jumping on her and now you wear clothes and they take them off for you and rape you so she live in an ethical environment she live in a moral environment so we got to take another look we got to take another look at her because that’s our mama and it is said in your bible honor thy mother and thy father that the days may be long upon the land no stuff with my mom and daddy didn’t eat no rice and beans and no hog mouths and they didn’t go to church because it was sinful you understand sinful people need to go to church to repent well I’m not sinful

so now the boy had grown up and look what he’s seeing that that naked woman in the jungle raised the bar and set the standards and from her understanding her and her world that was alkali i was able to draw from that world the compound that we makes today they heal people scientists call that phosphates carbonates iodide and bromides that’s science

science also says that aids diabetes sickle cell anemia are all the result of a virus a germ or a bacteria not so not so ladies and gentlemen

the black man the Chinese, the Indian, the Eskimo the white man we all are different

not one is better than the other we all are different if you take your blood and put it on a microscope or go to a hematologist he will tell you it’s different oh yeah well if my blood is different then my compounds or medicines should be different right but they gave everybody the same thing what a mistake but we didn’t see it not only that we eat the same food that doesn’t happen in the naturalness of life gorillas doesn’t eat polar bear food so the scientists call food that nourishes the body phosphates carbonates iodized and bromides mama in the jungle didn’t have to know that because all she had was that there was no man-made food then

so she lived in a beautiful environment this is why she didn’t wear any clothes it wasn’t necessary she lived like that all her life until the foreigners came ah she’s naked

she’s naked god may close them

you see you see how sick we are we all are sick we need each other so it was with that intent that i came into this particular vocation i quit my job i quit my job i said i’m gonna heal the world I’m gonna make everybody happy

i was wrong again the president of Dominica sent for me and i went and it was nice and then he lost the election and the next president is a woman and she kicked me out i said why would she kick me out and i healed a man while i was there of diabetes and a healer now i want a gout and a healer and i went up a whole bunch of stuff and he kicked me out i went to St Croix well i stayed two years and i went to Puerto Rico then i went to Miami while I’m in Miami now I’m beginning to expand

that was when i put the ad in the paper that i cured aids

and everybody thought that i did the wrong thing even friends of mine we want to elaborate on this for a second

the fact is each and every one of you in this audience is different unlike the other who qualifies to tell you anything nobody nobody on earth

qualifies to tell you anything about you nobody you are unique how could he tell you about you when you don’t even know you how does he know you my mama said to me put the ad in the paper that you killed the diseases i said but I’m going to go to jails and say yes

see my mom my mom were still is and always will be the greatest guide in my life my mama

my mama said put that in the paper two years later i was arrested

practicing medicine without a license selling product not approved by the FDA claiming to cure aids and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim

while they put the handcuffs on me i asked the detective why do you have your guns drawn he said the element of surprise i said my mama told me you were coming two years ago

enough for your surprise

but we’re going to cut it short we want to show

how cruel our people could be to another people

one of the things that we black people find ourselves faced with is a black body speaking English and thinking Greek

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