Dr Sebi – Why The Healers Are Not Healing

Dr Sebi - Biochemistry

Yes ma’am. Greetings Dr Sebi. Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge with us.

Dr Sebi:
Thank you for allowing me the privilege.

And I wanted to ask you, I’ve been interested in herbology for a number of years and I find when I go to herb stores I get information that tells me you take this herb for this ailment but I’m interested in finding out how the herbs actually work on the systems of the body. Where could I find that kind of information?

Dr Sebi:
That kind of that kind of information if it was in a book then not only Sebi would be doing what he’s doing right, but there are no reports that anyone has cured anyone with sickle cell anemia, blindness, AIDS, diabetes, that you will not read. We’re doing that, why because we had to use of a common sense. The herbs that are being afforded to us are hybrid plants, 90 percent of them are. That’s why the healers are not healing anyone, not that he would not like to not that he may be dedicated but the substance that is given to him to heal with are not working. So where do you find that information? I don’t know. I just happened to arrive at it and I begin to put it in a book. The book would be out this year. I didn’t want to write the book either, but my mother pushed me to write the book, so the information would be in there and how does herb work in the body? The herbs work in the body through the process of chemical affinity. Chemical Affinity is an electrical transfer.

They assimilate with you. They are electrical, more electrical, we all are electrical we need an electric substance to assimilate. That is beyond us because we will never disciplined to understand life electrically. We think that when we talk about iron we talk about a piece of metal. No, we are talking about the electrical composition of iron that is what the body assimilates this information is not out there but only in the science of biochemistry yes you can go to the science of biochemistry and you could find much much information.

Thank you.

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