Dr Sebi – There Is Nothing On The Planet That Has More Acid

Seville orange

Well when you say uh there’s nature hasn’t made any acid uh elements or any acid or fruits but what about the lemon isn’t that acid; and some people would argue and say well you can take acids and once you take it in the body will convert it to alkaline.

Dr Sebi:
I’ve heard that philosophy and theory for years. The body does not convert any acid substance into alkalinity, but there is a difference with lime and lemon. Lime is alkali, lemon is acid, like a grapefruit, like a Seville orange, they call it naranga… in Spanish. A Seville orange is alkali not like a grapefruit, not like an orange, like the the Valencia they all acid based..

As funny as it seems we associate acidity with something that is sour, am I right? [ yes] no way well I will give you the sweetest thing on the planet, cane there is nothing on the planet that has more acid than cane and it is sweet you know what is the acid they call it glycerinic acid.

This is why once upon a time it was prohibited to sell sugar, but now it is the highest and most subsidized substance on the planet by government. Sugar is one of the worst stimulant that you could put in your mouth. It is very acid, glycerinic acid, so I really think that something has to be sour to be acid, not so, a lime like the key lime that’s very alkaline, the other one they call the Persian lemon that’s very acid. There’s a difference, always look for that which nature made. Nature did not make an acid substance. I’ve heard people talk about nature even go to the process of cross-pollinating itself, not so.

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