Dr Sebi – Man Is The Originator Of All Acid!



Mr Guzman:

Pleasure of being here next to this great man Dr who has invited me to his house and uh I’m also here uh on a monthly retreat uh cleaning my body uh taking these wonderful herbs why didn’t you say you’re willing for the earth the wonderful herbs of this uh fabulous uh place here in our Usha village in Honduras and uh now we’re taking the time to uh interview Dr Sebi and get his uh his input and uh also his wisdom on what this what is this entire thing that we call alkaline and acid and what are the foods and herbs and fruits and things that we should be eating to keep this vehicle healthy.

We have just been talking a little bit before and uh he said basically the ultimate food is oxygen we’re also going to ask him about that.

Dr welcome to the show and thank you very much for spending the time to uh sharing your to share your wisdom with us thank you very much.

Dr Sebi:
Mr Guzman you also is a great man and a wonderful man from the day I met you I want you to know that I felt your vibration and you are a very accommodating individual. I appreciate you, thank you.

About alkalinity and acidity. It’s good to know then further very important nowadays but in the days of the black man in the jungle and the … in the jungle the American Indian in the jungle, the Maya the …. all met the fire they didn’t even have to think about alkalinity and acidity, why, they only had alkalinity.

So you see, this is why what I just described is considered the organic family. Today we live in a highly scientific world, a very developed world but we living in a precarious time in which what we see is that because of us deviating from the path that the matter the …. the black man, the American Indian and the Toltec in Mexico they live connected to the cosmic procession. They didn’t have waste because everything was what biodegradable recyclable even their fecal matter was recyclable and just the reason why they didn’t need toilets so now we’re talking about alkalinity and acidity, well why do we have to do that, why do we even have to talk about acidity when the planet was constructed on the structure of alkalinity, why because it is alkalinity that is alive.

Whenever a substance is alkaline, the base of that substance is what, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The Chinese call that the CHO arrangement, that is the arrangement of life, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Chinese said CHO, which is cool now why do we have to entertain alkalinity because it looked like we just began to wake up that we have been poisoned for approximately 500 years since the arrival of the great Christopher Columbus, he was the one that brought rice and beans and chicken and hogs and turkeys and dogs and cows. We didn’t have that in our environment, we did not have that because those things aren’t natural things or animals are natural not the food the cow is very acid. If you take the milk of a cow and give it a ph test it is 5.5 but if you can make up a buffalo and give it a ph it’s nine point something. There is a difference, so why do we have to entertain alkalinity? Those of us that are aware that it is in the alkali world that we really receive life and nourishment, nutrition … just by the nature of the world.

It tells you stay away I’m acid but nature doesn’t make acids, nature has never made a substance that is acid. If nature has which is it if nature had made an acid substance then nature and god is unfair. Man is the originator of all acids.

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