Dr Sebi talks on philosophy and what to eat

eat well, eat less

Dr. Sebi:
Last night saw the man again on TV and he said “between two thoughts, the space that exists between two thoughts is infinite possibilities.”

“Between two thoughts exist the infinite of possibilities.” You know that’s the really benefits being also that if a thing looks like something to you perceived by others or something else well the thing has taken on many dimensions. Okay how am I going to use that how am I going to do deep I’ve traveled when he said that between two thoughts exists infinite possibilities okay now that you have said that I want to know how am I supposed to process this and put this into a meaningful formula that I could improve the quality of my life because if what you say doesn’t support life then why should I listen to it.

I live life, I don’t live philosophy and as far as life is concerned the one thing you must do which we all should do is know what to put in your mouth.

All the other philosophical structures they mean absolutely nothing because now what you’re eating is making you sick and in the state of disease what is the state of your mind? What is the state of your soul? What is the state of your spirit? You see we never seem to cover that isn’t it?

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